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Information below is the lot/description information from our Spring Estates Auction, April 3rd & 4th, 2004. Descriptions listed below are NOT guaranteed accurate. Call 1-800-467-5329 for general information on Neal Auction Company. Follow the catalogue link to order our beautifully illustrated catalogue.  *Denotes image only available on-line.

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5. A Set of English Crystal Stemware, by Stuart, with vertical ribbing, comprising: 12 red wine glasses, 12 water glasses, 5 white wine glasses, 10 champagne coupes, 4 sherries, and 10 liqueurs, together with four panel cut crystal glasses. [$400/600]
32. A Pair of Regency Gilt Bronze and White Glass Vases, c. 1815, each trumpet shaped vessel supported by a trio of dolphins with tails raised, their heads resting on a concave plinth mounted by shells, height 12 in., diameter 7 in. [$800/1200]
*50. A French Enameled Cameo Glass Table Lamp, early 20th c., by Legras, baluster pedestal etched and enameled with holly leaves and berries, the cameo glass shade probably associated, mottled brown-gray flattened dome overlaid with green shading to red cut with roses and vines, the pedestal signed, height 16 1/4 in., diameter 6 7/8 in. [$800/1200]
*51. A WMF Art Nouveau Pewter and Cranberry Glass Epergne, early 20th c., pierced pewter pedestal with stylized floral decoration, supporting a ruffled satin glass bowl, stand marked “WMF”, height 13 1/4 in., diameter 9 in. [$400/600]
52. A Moser Amethyst Glass Oil Lamp, ovoid tapering body etched and gilt with a band of scrolling foliage and birds, panel cut stem, round scalloped foot, brass wick holder, height 7 1/4 in. [$600/800]
*53. A Lalique Frosted and Molded Glass Figural Group, of a pair of doves on a round base, engraved signature, height 8 1/4 in., width 6 1/2 in. [$500/750]
250. A Daum Scenic Art Glass Vase, early 20th c., cylindrical, mottled amber yellow body enameled with a seascape and boats, signed, height 12 in. [$2000/3000]
251. A Ruby Cut-to-Clear Glass Punch Bowl-on-Stand, early 20th c., with a design of large fan shapes alternating with diamond-pattern geometric designs, probably Val St. Lambert of Belgium, height 14 in., depth 14 in. [$800/1200]
*252. An Unusual Continental Amethyst-Cut-to-Citrine Glass Vase, c. 1900, of baluster form with a crenellated upper portion, cut in an all-over design of pin wheels, stars and rectilinear patterns, height 14 in., depth 5 in. [$200/300]
253. A Moser Green Bohemian Glass Pattern Vase, c. 1900, in the Persian taste, bottle form with a long neck and crimped rim, gilt-decorated with a band of anthemia and a wrigglework ground, height 7 1/4 in. [$200/300]
*254. A Lalique “Roscoff” Molded Glass Bowl, the low form with fish and bubbles in high relief, engraved signature, retaining original label, height 2 1/2 in., diameter 13 3/4 in. [$600/900]
254A. A Lalique “Calypso” Frosted and Molded Glass Bowl, of low open form, with mermaids and waves in relief, engraved signature, height 2 3/8 in., diameter 14 3/8 in. [$1500/2500]
255. Two Bohemian Flashed Cut Glass Bowls, 20th c., one cobalt the other ruby, each circular form decorated with geometric cutting, height 4 in., diameter 9 in. [$200/400]
256. An English Satin Glass Vase, c. 1885, the round body shaded from white to sky blue at the square rim, decorated with enamel beetles and wild flowers, height 5 3/4 in., depth 4 in. [$150/250]
257. A Val St. Lambert Cut and Enameled Glass Vase, by Hubert L’ega, signed, dated “1978” and numbered “66/950” on the underside, ovoid form with cobalt-cut-to-clear palmettes and a cameo and gilt band decorated with a continuous oriental landscape with figures, height 9 1/4 in. [$500/800]
258. Two Good American Art Glass Vases, c. 1890, one of mother-of-pearl satin glass, diamond quilted, with the interior cased in white and exterior shading from pale pink to rose below a deeply ruffled top, height 7 in., the other of white opaline glass cased dark pink on the ruffled rim and decorated with heavy applied glass acorns and pink leaves, height 9 1/4 in., probably Mt. Washington, (2 pcs.) [$200/400]
259. An American Brilliant Cut Glass and Sterling Silver-Mounted Bowl, c. 1900, the molded and flared rim by Reed & Barton, the bowl cut with starbursts and fans, height 4 1/2 in., diameter 10 in. [$800/1200]

260. An American Brilliant Cut Glass and Sterling Silver-Mounted Bowl, the Gorham foliate scroll rim with 1898 date letter, the bowl with starburst, lattice and palmettes, height 2 1/8 in., diameter 9 in. [$300/500]

261. An English Layered Glass Chalice-Shaped Vase, c. 1885, cobalt cut-to-clear with etched portions, featuring a large central medallion of a Raphael Madonna with Christ Child and St. John the Baptist, the reverse with a scrolling leaf design, height 8 in., diameter 3 1/2 in. [$400/600]
263. A Near Pair of Tall Bohemian Etched and Cut Ruby Overlay Glass Decanters, mid-19th c., the bodies decorated with buds, animals, buildings and scrollwork cartouches, with original stoppers, one bearing an applied paper apricot liqueur label, height 16 in. (2 pcs.) [$400/600]

262. A Pair of Bohemian Amber Overlay Biscuit Barrels, mid-19th c., decorated with bands of etched leaping stags in a forest above bands of clear oval beads, with conforming lids, height 7 1/2 in., diameter 5 1/4 in. (2 pcs.) [$600/800]

264. An R. Lalique Clear Pressed Glass Plate with Black Enamelled Patination, c. 1920, the center with a Medieval design of hounds and foliage, signed on edge with “No. 3001”, diameter 8 3/8 in. [$200/400]

265. An R. Lalique Art Deco Pressed Glass Vase, c. 1925, flared shape with an all-over design of bunches of grapes in high relief, marked, height 5 3/4 in., depth 4 7/8 in. [$300/500]

266. An R. Lalique Three-Piece Etched Glass Vanity Tray Set, c. 1930, with floral decor on top edge, including one long tray, length 9 1/2 in., width 3 1/4 in., and two small trays, length 5 1/4 in., width 2 1/4 in., the smaller trays marked with R. Lalique pattern “No. 579”, and the larger with a different R. Lalique mark. [$200/400]

*267. A Steuben Crystal Pedestal Bowl, open bowl on a lobed support, signed, height 6 1/4 in., diameter 9 5/8 in. [$600/900]
268. An American Red Cut-to-Clear Spherical Vase, 20th c., decorated with fans and large circles arranged as flowers, depth 9 1/2 in., height 11 in. [$250/350]
269. A Loetz Art Glass Vase, iridescent olive green body with iridescent blue-green applied strap handles and rosette buttons, unsigned, height 9 3/4 in., note: small chip to rim. [$300/500]
270. A Moser Glass Ashtray, of triangular hexagonal form, the sides etched and enamelled with a continuous scene of Roman warriors within gilt bands, height 2 1/8 in., width 6 in. [$400/600]
271. An R. Lalique Frosted and Molded Glass Dish, of round “bundt” pan form with the central roundel displaying a nude couple, engraved signature “R. Lalique France No. 277”, height 1 3/4 in., diameter 4 1/2 in. [$300/500]
272. A Group of Three Good Cranberry Overlay American Brilliant Cut Glass Decorative Pieces, c. 1900, comprising a tapered vase, a tall-stemmed shallow goblet and a scallop-edged bowl, all with portions of the elaborate cut designs executed in cranberry, height of vase 9 in., height of goblet 10 in., diameter of bowl 8 in. (3 pcs.) [$250/350]
273. A Group of Five Green Overlay American Brilliant Cut Glass Decorative Items, c. 1900, comprising three cylindrical vases of various sizes, one trumpet vase, and one slender pitcher, cut in various diamond, fan, and starburst patterns designed to contrast the green and clear glass, (5 pcs.), height of tallest vase 12 in. [$300/500]
274. A Val St. Lambert Pink Cameo Glass Vase, of double gourd form, frosted ground, cut with leaves and berries, etched signature on base, height 10 3/8 in. [$800/1200]

276. A Rare Monumental Art Nouveau Cameo Glass Vase, c. 1885-1900, by Emile Gallé, flattened elongated baluster form, amber yellow shading to a pale gray frosted ground, overlaid in azure, olive green, and emerald, depicting two large dragonflies hovering above a pond scene with blossoming irises and water lilies, signed “Galle” in cameo, height 33 3/8 in. [$50000/80000]
Note: By family repute, this vase was exhibited at the 1889 Paris Exposition Universelle. An identical vase is illustrated on page 178 of Glass by Galle by Alastair Duncan and Georges de Bartha, 1984.
*281. A Group of Three Large Layered Glass Decanters, late 19th c., one each of amber, ruby and cranberry color, all cut-to-clear with grapes, vines, and leaves, retaining original stoppers, note: chip on lip of ruby, height 13 in., 15 1/4 in., 16 1/4 in. (3 pcs.) [$500/700]
282. A Gallé Cameo Glass Vase, c. 1900, slightly flattened baluster form with a flared neck, frosted mottled yellow and gray body overlaid with eggplant and lilac and cut with a mountainous landscape with a rocky stream and fir trees, signed in cameo, height 12 1/2 in. [$5000/7000]
283. A Monumental Gallé Cameo Glass Vase c. 1900, of trumpet form with a slightly flared rim, frosted pale topaz and lilac ground overlaid with amethyst, loden and lilac cut in a design of flowering phlox and foliage, signed “Gallé” in Cameo, height 21 1/2 in., diameter 8 in. [$12000/18000]
400. A Pittsburgh Clear and Frosted Pressed Glass Compote in the “Three Faces” Design, c. 1875, the high standard formed of three female faces beneath a plain clear bowl, height 10 1/2 in., diameter 10 1/4 in. [$200/250]
401. An Anglo-Irish Cut Glass Pedestal Bowl, c. 1830, the body with strawberry diamonds below a turned-down plain diamond-cut rim, the whole on a smooth pedestal with under cut prism foot, height 7 1/2 in., diameter 9 1/2 in. [$500/700]
493. A Good Pair of American “Clambroth” Blown Glass Cylindrical Vases, c. 1880, the faces decorated with painted and enameled flowers and butterflies below a crimped rim, (2 pcs.), height 10 in., depth 4 in. [$150/250]

*642. A Large Pair of Amethyst Glass Vases, each with tall bell-form bodies on a bulbous and flared circular foot, decorated with cut-to-clear decoration and nicely etched figural scenes in reserve, one with an allegorical figure of Liberty, the other with a cavalier, height 22 in, diameter 8 in. [$1200/1800]
*643. A Pair of Cobalt-Cut-to-Clear Glass Urns on Pedestals, having clear glass stepped bases supporting deep bowls with swag designs marked “DZYR”, height 13 in., depth 12 in. [$1000/1500]
758. A Pair of Continental Silver Overlay and Floral Decorated Stoppered Decanters, c. 1900, of amber glass with different bouquets on the reserves surrounded by lattice and scroll designs, height 14 in. [$300/500]
759. A Pair of Venetian Glass Cornucopia Vases, of pink blown glass, with flecks of gold, the form embellished with scrolling leaves, height 7 1/4 in., width 7 in. [$300/500]
*760. A Group of American Brilliant Cut Glass Decorative Objects, c. 1900, comprising a tall waisted vase with all-over “chair bottom” and snowflake cutting, height 12 in., a tall trumpet vase with a ribbed stem and starburst cutting, height 12 in., and a spherical berry bowl cut with thistles and flowers, diameter 8 1/4 in., note: very minor chips. (3 pcs.) [$500/750]
761. An American Brilliant Cut Glass Ice Pail, c. 1900, cut with starbursts and flowers, diameter 7 in., together with a mid-20th c. lidded butter plate, diameter 7 1/2 in. (2 pcs.) [$100/200]
762. An American Brilliant Cut Glass Oval Bowl, c. 1900, with a deeply scalloped rim above a body cut with starbursts and other designs within a geometric framework, length 11 1/2 in., width 8 1/4 in. [$200/400]

763. An American Brilliant Cut Glass Berry Bowl, c. 1900, cut with a variety of especially small and fine motifs including stars, chain bottom, and diamonds forming a lobed floral design, diameter 9 in., height 4 1/2 in. [$200/400]

764. An American Brilliant Cut Glass Bowl, c. 1900, star-cut with a flared and scalloped rim, height 3 1/2 in., diameter 9 1/2 in. [$200/400]

765. An Amethyst Overlay American Brilliant Cut Glass Footed Compote, c. 1900, the scalloped and sawtooth edged bowl cut with large clear starbursts against an amethyst ground, on a clear diamond-cut base, height 5 1/4 in., diameter 8 3/4 in. [$250/450]

766. A Libbey American Brilliant Cut Glass Berry Bowl, c. 1900, marked, the bottom cut with stars and diamonds in a grid of squares and the sides composed of ovals and ridged sections filled with fine cut designs, height 4 1/4 in., depth 9 in. [$200/400]

767. A Pair of Steuben Rosaline and Alabaster Sherbets and Underplates, one with original label, saucer diameter 6 1/8 in., cup height 3 1/2 in. [$250/350]
768. A Hawkes Etched and Tinted Glass Plate, together with a Sinclair compote, the plate cut with flowers and swags and having a wide green-tinted ribbed border and scalloped edge, marked, the compote with an emerald-cut-to-clear border with vintage decoration, plate diameter 10 in, compote height 7 in., diameter 7 1/2 in. [$250/450]
769. An American Brilliant Cut Glass Pitcher and Six Tumblers, c. 1910, finely cut in a variety of patterns within a starburst and diamond design, pitcher height 7 1/4 in., glasses height 3 1/4 in. (7 pcs.) [$300/500]
770. A French Frosted and Molded Glass Vase, in the manner of Lalique, decorated with a forest landscape in high relief, height 10 1/4 in., diameter 7 1/2 in. [$100/200]
771. Two American Sterling Silver Overlay Glass Pitchers, early 20th c., with matching round tapering bodies, one with foliate scroll overlay and an oval cartouche monogrammed “K”, the other with a silver rim and the lower half and handle with diamond and square cut lattice, height 10 in. [$150/250]
772. A Libbe American Brilliant Cut Glass Bowl, c. 1900, marked, having tapering sides below a scalloped rim with a deeply cut star and garland design, height 4 in., diameter 9 in. [$150/250]
941. An American Brilliant Cut Glass Ice Cream Tray, c. 1910, cut with starbursts within a geometric design, length 14 in., width 7 1/2 in. [$150/250]
942. A Marked Libbey American Etched and Cut Glass Celery Dish, c. 1900, the bottom decorated with a pair of lovebirds on a floral branch below a plain diamond-cut rim, length 11 1/2 in., width 4 1/2 in. [$150/250]
943. An American Brilliant Cut Glass Ice Cream Tray, early 20th c., cut with a trio of roundels containing small starbursts designs, length 14 in., width 6 1/2 in. [$150/250]

944. An American Brilliant Cut Glass Jewel Box, c. 1910, the round lid cut with a sunburst, stars and fans, the base cut with circles, height 3 1/4 in., diameter 5 1/4 in. [$125/175]
1066. An Orrefors Crystal Vase, tapering thick-walled diamond form, deeply ribbed on one side, signed and numbered, height 5 3/4 in., width 11 1/4 in. [$300/500]
1067. A Steuben Crystal Creamer and Sugar, each of low bulbous form with strap handles, signed, creamer height 3 1/4 in., sugar width 4 3/8 in. [$200/300]
1068. A Steuben Crystal Vase, with a cornucopia form bowl on a shaped base, signed, note: chips to footrim, height 7 3/8 in., width 6 in. [$100/200]
*1069. A Pair of Antique Italian Glass Tazzas, each bowl with gilt ribboned floral garlands, above slender air-twist stems, height 9 1/2 in. diameter 8 in. [$200/300]
1070. A Pair of Blown-Glass Baluster Form Hurricane Shades, 20th c., probably by Colonial Williamsburg, height 14 in., depth 6 1/2 in. [$150/250]
1145. A Large Blown Amethyst Glass Hurricane Shade, mid-20th c., with an etched inscription in Arabic near the base, height 21 in., depth 8 in. [$150/250]

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