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Information below is the lot/description information from our Late Spring Estates Auction, June 10th, 11th & 12th, 2005. Descriptions listed below are NOT guaranteed accurate. Call 1-800-467-5329 for general information on Neal Auction Company. Follow the catalogue link to order our beautifully illustrated catalogue.
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w 1. A French Patinated Bronze Cabinet Figure of a Dancing Putto, c. 1880, bronze base signed “Buffand”, and set upon a polished Egyptian black marble circular pedestal, height 6 in., diameter of base 2 1/4 in. [$400/600]

w 2. A Renaissance-Style Carved and Silvered Wood Wall Bracket, with a serpentine molded shelf above an acanthus and scroll support, height 18 1/2 in., width 23 3/4 in., depth 12 1/4 in. [$500/700]

w 3. A Fine French Art Nouveau Gilt Bronze-Mounted Pottery Encrier, c. 1900, marked “Louchet, Paris”, with cobalt and turquoise drip-glaze, recessed pen holder and borders with decorative bronze mounts, height 4 1/2 in., width 6 3/4 in., depth 5 1/2 in. [$400/600]

13. A Good George III Satinwood and Mahogany Oval Tea Caddy, c. 1785, with lead-lined interior compartments, each with an ivory button pull, height 5 in., width 4 in., length 7 1/2 in. [$700/1000]

119. A Large Pair of Antique Tole Peinte Tea Canisters, c. 1840, black ground, gilt and stenciled borders, reserves with transfer-printed scenes of merchants and landscapes, circular lids, retaining one scoop, height 21 in., width 12 1/2 in., depth 15 in. [$1500/2500]

122. A Pair of Black Variegated Marble Obelisks, of typical form, on molded plinths, height 18 in., width 4 1/4 in. square. [$400/600]

126. An Antique English Tortoiseshell Cigar Case, mid-19th c., together with a small 20th c. rectangular tortoiseshell box and two small amboyna boxes, and an Edwardian octagonal burl elm lidded tea caddy, note: hinged cover loose. [$500/800]

w 127. A French Gilt-Bronze Silhouette Portrait Plaque of Napoleon I, dated 1804, signed on the tranche “Andrieu”, fitted with a period suspension ring, diameter 5 3/8 in. [$500/700]

128. An Apulian-Type Red Figure Amphora, having a black ground with a single male or female figure on each side, height 18 in., depth 10 in., note: visible wear, loss. [$1000/1500]

129. A Pair of English Regency Gilt-Bronze Dolphin Figural Girandoles, c. 1825, the well-cast figures resting on sienna marble bases with tails supporting foliate prism rings and candlecups, retaining most of the original prisms and gilt finish, height 15 in., base 7 in. square. [$1000/1500]

w 145. An African Ivory Elephant Tusk Table Ornament, carved with a crocodile and three elephants, height 6 1/2 in., length 27 3/4 in., depth 5 in., together with a carved hardwood and ivory elephant, height 12 3/4 in., length 12 1/2 in., depth 5 in. [$175/225]

146. A German Bird and Birdcage Automaton, 20th c., brass cage, the bird perched amidst cloth flowers, bird’s beak and tail move while singing, height 11 in., diameter 7 in. [$400/600]

152. A French Bronze Grand Tour Obelisk Thermometer, c. 1840, the tapered column incised with hieroglyphics, the base surrounded by a fence on a square belgio nero marble plinth, height 8 in. [$200/300]

153. A Pair of Gilt-Brass Putto Figural Chenets, in the Louis XV style, now mounted as table lamps on matte black lacquered conforming bases, the floral-draped putti seated amongst exuberant “C” scrolls, height (without electrical fittings) 13 in., length 14 in., width 7 in. [$800/1200]

w 154. A Pair of Antique Painted Panels depicting Classical Ruins, in the Italian 18th c. manner, each 36 in. x 15 in. [$400/600]

w 165. A Group of Seven English and American Framed Miniatures and Silhouettes, mid-19th c., comprising a pair of watercolors of a couple, two similar portraits of women, a gilt embellished paper silhouette of a boy, and a silhouette of a lady in bonnet, all in ebonized frames with brass hangers, together with a gouache and gilt silhouette of a lady in a rosewood frame, size less than 7 in. x 6 in. [$600/900]

w 183. An Antique Exotic Woods Marquetry Jewelry Coffer, early 20th c., having a circular landscape scene with buildings flanked by flowers and foliage, the sides with scroll and wreath designs, opening to a mirrored and velvet-lined interior, height 4 1/2 in., length 14 in., width 9 in. [$300/500]

w 188. A Group of Nine Continental, English and American Framed Miniature Portraits, generally 19th c., including a good portrait of an 18th century general on ivory, two other gentlemen on ivory, three ladies of various ages, all in lacquered frames with brass hangers, together with a couple in oval oak frames and a gentleman in a square brass frame, all less than 7 in. square. [$600/900]

w 215. Malinke, Mali, Wood Headdress, with carved face and horns, height 32 1/2 in. [$300/500]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

w 216. Baga, Guinea, Wood Figure, carved head, upraised arms attached to head, height 20 1/2 in. [$200/300]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

w 217. Malinke, Mali, Wood Antelope Headdress, decorated with shells, beads, hair and glass, overall height 22 1/2 in. [$200/300]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

218. Kissi, Guinea and Sierra Leone, Wood and Cowrie Shell Mask, in the shape of an animal, ornamented with hair and shells, overall height 24 in., width 9 1/2 in. [$200/300]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

219. Bobo, Burkino Faso, Mask, detailed geometric painted pattern allover, carved face, height 32 in. [$400/600]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

220. Yoruba, Nigeria, Wood Mask, 20th c., Colonial era height 14 in., width 7 in., with superstructure of human figures. [$150/300]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

221. Igbo, Nigeria, Wood “Ekoi” Mask, height 12 in., width 5 1/2 in., together with Malinke, Mali, wood mask, height 16 in., width 6 in. [$150/300]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

222. An African Carved Wood Seated Figure, height 13 in., together with a wood mask, height 7 1/2 in. [$150/250]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

w 223. Two Wood Weaving Pulleys, Baule, Ivory Coast, both with carving, height 5 1/2 in., and height 7 1/2 in. [$50/100]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

224. Two Wood Weaving Pulleys, Baule, Ivory Coast, one with black stand, height 5 3/4 in., and height 7 1/2 in. [$75/125]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

225. Toma, (Loma), Liberia, Wood Mask, late 19th c./early 20th c., ornamented with bits of hair, height 43 in., width 9 in. [$500/700]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

226. Malinke, Mali, Wood Antelope Headdress, 20th c., probably Colonial era, decorative incising allover, overall height 36 in. [$400/600]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

227. Kurumba, Burkina Faso, Wood Headdress, elaborately painted in a geometric and dot pattern, height 46 in. [$150/300]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

228. Baule, Ivory Coast, Wood Female Figure on Stool, detailed carving of hair, decorative scarification patterns on back, height 16 1/2 in. [$200/400]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

229. Baule, Ivory Coast, Wood Female Ancestor Figure, 20th c., Colonial era with beads, cloth, height 16 in. [$100/200]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

230. Malinke, Mali, Wood Figure, late 19th c./ early 20th c. overall height 14 1/4 in., together with Mende, Sierra Leone, female wood figure, height 15 1/2 in. [$300/500]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

w 231. A Pair of Wood Masks of an Ancestor Couple, Baule, Ivory Coast, red painted face with black painted hair, height 11 in., and height 11 in. [$150/300]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

w 232. Two Wood Masks, Igbo, Nigeria, height 7 1/2 in., and height 9 7/8 in. [$100/200]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

233. Lobi, Burkina Faso, Wood Ancestor Figure, on black painted stand, height 23 3/4 in. [$100/200]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

234. Mende, Sierra Leone, Wood "Minsereh" Figure, late 19th c./ early 20th c., carved face and hair, protruding breasts, height 24 in. [$200/300]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

235. Baga, Guinea, Wood "Nimba" Mask, 20th c., probably Colonial era with grass skirt, elaborately carved, ridged coiffure, protruding breasts. height 37 1/2 in. [$600/800]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

236. Baga, Guinea, Wood Figure, 20th c., probably Colonial era elaborately carved and ornamented with pieces of red cloth, bead on head, hair and grass ornaments, height 27 1/2 in. [$400/600]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

237. Turka, Ivory Coast, Wood Horn, note: crack on one side, overall height 34 1/2 in. [$100/200]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

238. Turka, Ivory Coast, Wood and Raffia Rhythm Pounder Deble, 20th c., probably Colonial era with grass skirt, height 58 1/2 in., [$500/700]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

239. Ngere, Ivory Coast, Wood Mask, decorated with paint, cloth and hair, height 9 1/2 in. [$150/300]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

240. Mende, Sierra Leone, Wood “Bundu” Mask, height 13 3/8 in. [$150/300]
Note: The “Bundu” mask is unique in Africa because it is worn and used by female members of the society; the mask represents a female spirit and is worn for ceremonial purposes.
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

241. Ngere, Ivory Coast, Wood Mask, protruding forehead, decorated with hair, overall height 11 3/4 in., [$150/300]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

242. Dogon, Mali, Wood Figure, carved face, note: loss to legs, overall height 16 in. [$75/125]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

243. Baule, Ivory Coast, Miniature Mask, height 7 1/16 in., together with Dan, Liberia and Ivory Coast, miniature wood mask, height 6 1/2 in., note: Dan society masks function in the various contexts of social order, initiation as well as entertainment. [$75/125]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

244. Malinke, Mali, Wood Miniature Headdress, elaborately carved with incised decoration, height 15 7/8 in. [$100/200]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

245. Malinke, Mali, Wood Headdress, incising on horns and body, overall height 44 in. [$300/500] Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

246. Mossi, Burkino Faso, Wood Mask, late 19th c./ early 20th c., painted in red, white and black geometric patterns, overall height 57 in., [$400/600]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.


247. Two Wood Masks, Ngere, Ivory Coast, smaller one decorated with paint and hair, height 10 5/8 in., and height 4 3/4 in. [$150/250]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

248. A Wood and Metal Mask, height 15 1/2 in., width 6 1/2 in., [$100/200]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

249. A Pair of Carved “Besmo Product” Wood Figures, each: height 14 1/4 in., width 2 1/2 in. [$100/200]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

250. Bambole (Mbole), Northern Congo, Wood Female Figure, height 12 1/4 in., together with Boma, Democratic Republic of Congo, wood figure, height 8 11/16 in. [$75/125]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

251. Yoruba, Nigeria, Wood Staff Fragment, height 14 1/2 in., together with Yoruba, Nigeria, wood Ibeji twin figure, height 11 in. [$100/200]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

w 253. Yaure, Ivory Coast, Wood Mask, black, red and white paint decorated, height 16 1/2 in. [$100/200]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

254. Yoruba, Nigeria, Pair of “Ibeji” Wood Twin Figures, one female, the other male, height of each 7 1/4 in. [$50/100]
Note: twins were considered to be powerful entities by the Yoruba Peoples.
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

255. Yoruba, Nigeria, Ivory Horn, on painted black stand, height 17 1/4 in. [$150/250]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

w 256. Mossi, Burkino Faso, Wood Weaving Pulley, height 7 1/2 in., together with Guro, Ivory Coast, wood weaving pulley, length 6 1/4 in., and Sherbro, Guinea Coast, soapstone figure, height 8 11/16 in. [$100/200]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

w 257. Ashanti, Ghana, Wood Fertility Doll, overall height 12 1/4 in., together with Fante, Ghana, fertility doll, height 12 1/4 in. [$150/300]
Note: The Ashanti people carved wooden dolls as a means to ensure fertility and a healthy birth of a child, they were also used as instructive toys for young girls.
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

w 258. Ashanti, Ghana, Wood Headrest, overall height 7 1/2 in., width 4 in., together with Baule, Ivory Coast, wood headrest, height 4 5/16 in. [$50/100]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

259. Baule, Ivory Coast, Wood Weaving Pulley, height 5 1/2 in., together with Guro, Ivory Coast, wood weaving pulley, height 7 in. [$75/125]
Note: Pulleys were used to raise and lower the heddles on weaving looms.
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

260. Baule, Ivory Coast, Wood Weaving Pulley, height 7 in., together with Dogon, Mali, wood weaving pulley, 7 1/2 in. [$75/125]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

263. An Antique George III-Style Mahogany Peat Bucket, the campagna-form body with brass handle and liner, slatted sides, turned standard on incurvate triangular plinth and brass bun feet, height 19 1/2 in., width 15 in., depth 15 in. [$300/500]

305. A Good American Gilt Brass Girandole Garniture in the “Boy and Girl” Model, c. 1855, probably Boston, comprising a three-light centerpiece and two single-light flanking elements, the standards with children in a natural setting, retaining the original gilt surface and snowflake prisms, center height 16 in., width 17 in., depth 4 in. [$700/1000]

306. A Pair of Continental Bronze Campagna Urns, 19th c., with swan head lyre-form decoration, on tall square bases, height 12 in., diameter 5 in. [$800/1200]

W 307. A French Louis XV-Style Gilt Bronze Oval Firescreen, with a lattice center, foliate scroll frame with an applied floral basket, and scroll feet, height 28 in., width 31 in. [$500/750]

308. A Renaissance Revival Gilt and Patinated Bronze Fire Fender, 19th c., the pierced gallery centered with a bust of Elizabeth I, the standards with similar busts, over a “B” in cartouche, height 17 3/4 in, adjustable width 30 1/2-45 in., depth 4 1/2 in. [$700/900]

309. A Good English Neo-Classical Style Beadwork Depicting Somnus, God of Sleep and Son of Night, mid-19th c., the winged bust in grisaille against a sky blue ground, in a giltwood frame with velvet liner, sight 19 1/2 in. x 17 in., note: small loss to beads. [$900/1200]

310. A French Bronze-Mounted Chinoiserie Inkwell, 19th c., lacquered wood base and ink pots with landscapes, a hen and a rooster, with scrolling base, height 3 1/4 in., width 13 1/4 in., depth 8 in. [$150/250]

W 311. An English Brass and Fruitwood Telescope, 19th c., probably for naval use, having a sliding sunshade, with a later fitted hardwood rack, length 26 in., 30 in., fully extended, diameter 2 1/4 in., in working order. [$500/700]

312. A George III Gentleman’s Crested Sterling Silver Vanity Box, London, 1814-15, maker ID untraced, rectangular with hinged reticulated cover with engraved stag crest, height 7 7/8 in., width 6 3/8 in. x 7/8 in., weight 5 troy ozs., 3 dwts. [$500/700]

322. A Patinated Bronze Chalice in the Etruscan Style, ornamented with bands of shield-shaped lozenges and guilloche moldings, the handles cast in the form of sparring warriors, height 9 in., depth 5 1/2 in. [$100/200]

W 323. A Pair of Carved and Parcel Gilt Mahogany Wall Brackets in the Rococo Taste, with a central acanthus leaf surrounded by an asymmetrical frame of foliate scrolls, width 12 1/2 in., depth 4 1/2 in., length 16 1/2 in. [$600/800]

324. A Group of French Gilt Metal and Diamond-Cut Glass Table Items, comprising 6 liqueur glasses, height 3 3/4 in., 6 circular ashtrays, diameter 2 3/4 in., and 5 rectangular match boxes, all with applied butterflies, note: one butterfly detached (17 items). [$100/200]

325. A Fine Pair of English Adam-Style Cut Glass and Brass Two-Light Girandoles, late 19th c., having a diamond-cut standard supporting a dish from which extend two scroll arms with candle cups, two rear branches with round flowers, a triangular spear, and other ornaments, prism hung, height 24 in., width 14 in., depth 11 in. [$1500/2000]

368. A Regency Mahogany Writing Box, early 19th c., the rectangular form with brass inlay opening to a writing surface and various compartments, height 6 in., width 18 in., depth 10 1/2 in. [$500/800]

369. A William IV Rosewood and Brass-Inlaid Box, c. 1830, the interior lined in satin and paper, on bun feet, height 6 in., width 12 in., depth 9 in. [$350/500]

370. A William IV Rosewood Lap Desk, c. 1830, inlaid with mother-of-pearl vining borders, the interior fitted with a writing surface and various compartments, height 6 in., width 18 in., depth 10 in. [$500/700]

w 433. A Trio of American Cast-Iron Bull Terriers, late 19th c., all in similar standing poses and painted natural, tan, white and black, approximate height 9 in., approximate length 8 in. [$500/750]

441. A Group of Three Vintage Cigarette Cases, two of amboyawood, the other of faux tortoise shell. [$75/100]

442. A Pair of American Cast Iron Dolphin Figural Andirons, 19th c., stamped “B & H patent applied for and 9512”, each upright in original condition, height 14 1/2 in. [$500/800]


443. Four Limoges Enamel on Copper Lobed Plaques depicting Biblical Scenes, late 17th to early 18th c., all from the book of Genesis, including one in which Aaron and Hur support Moses’ arms and the Israelites prevail against Amalek in the battle at Refidim, one of Joshua as victor against the Amalekites at Refidim (both from Genesis 17), one of the birth of Esau and Jacob (Genesis 25) and one of Jacob receiving Isaac’s blessing (Genesis 27), each height 2 3/4 in., two length 10 1/4 in., two length 6 in. [$500/800]

444. An Antique Illuminated Gregorian Chant Manuscript Page, depicting the Archangel Michael, sight 22 in. x 15 1/2 in., framed. [$100/200]

w 445. A Set of Three French Gilt Brass-Mounted Tazzas, with cherub standards and etched glass bowls, height 7 1/2 in., diameter 6 1/4 in., together with a brass-mounted cut glass flare vase on a circular ochre marble base, height 10 1/2 in., diameter 5 1/4 in. [$400/600]

w 446. A Carved Mahogany Coffer-Shaped Humidor, elaborate scroll and garland ornamented body, cabriole legs and partially glass-lined interior, height 8 in., width 9 in., length 16 in. [$600/800]

w 447. An Antique Continental Carved Oak Plaque of Bacchus, 19th c., the figure in deep relief, sitting near a cask and holding a glass, surrounded by grapevines, height 23 1/2 in., width 20 1/2 in. [$150/250]

w 448. An Italian Renaissance-Style Carved and Inlaid Picture Frame, width 11 3/4 in., length 9 3/4 in. [$300/400]

449. A Regency Rosewood Sewing Box, early 19th c., the rectangular stepped lid opening to a paper-lined divided interior, the sides mounted with gilt-bronze handles, height 5 in., width 18 in., depth 13 in. [$350/500]

450. An English Victorian Tortoiseshell Cigar Case, c. 1850, together with a rectangular tortoiseshell card case inlaid with mother-of-pearl floral sprays, note: some damage. [$75/100]

451. A Group of Four Tortoiseshell Miniature Boxes, 19th c., one with mother-of-pearl flowers on the lid, another with brass mounts, the others plain rectangles, note: as is. [$75/100]

452. An English Inlaid Mahogany Rectangular Box, 19th c., with book-matched veneer, void interior with stenciled decoration, together with a Victorian brass-mounted walnut jewelry box, engraved brass strapping, the lid centered by a bone cartouche, interior lined in purple silk, height 6 in., width 10 3/4 in., depth 7 3/4 in., and height 3 1/2 in., width 9 3/4 in., depth 6 3/4 in. respectively. [$200/300]

w 517. An Indian Horn, Bone and Wood Writing Box, late 19th c., having a fitted interior with lidded compartment and pen holder, the exterior heavily embellished with penwork and pierced bone bands, straps and plaques, floral and figural motifs, note: small losses and repairs, height 4, 3/4 in., length 12 1/2 in., width 9 1/2 in. [$800/1200]

w 518. An Indian Wood, Quill and Bone Writing Box, late 19th c., the exterior covered with rows of quills framed by wood inlaid with bone circles, the slant top opening to a fitted interior with compartments, drawers and floral motif bone inlay, note: repairs and minor losses, height 5 1/2 in., length 15 1/2 in., width 11 in. [$800/1200]

w 519. A Group of Seven Pairs of Nacre and Enamel Opera Glasses, three of conventional model and four lorgnette models, each marked, length of the longest pair 6 5/8 in. [$1200/1800]

558. A Federal Inlaid Mahogany Barometer, c. 1800, labelled on the level indicator, “J. Tadeo, New York”, the case outlined in boxwood inlay, complete with hygrometer, fahrenheit thermometer, convex “butler’s” mirror and engraved weather dial, height 38 in., width 10 in., depth 2 in.. [$1000/1500]

560. A Fine Antique Eighteen-Inch Floor Globe in the Classical Taste, c. 1900, published by C.W. Bacon, London, retailed by C.S. Hammond, New York, with their over-label on the cartouche, the globe in full brass meridian, supported on quadrant supports turning in a pinion, on a mahogany pillar and scroll stand, ending in casters, height 47 in., diameter 24 in. [$4000/6000]

596. A Victorian Treenware Canister, mid-19th c., with applied leather armorial, height 6 1/4 in., diameter 2 7/8 in. [$75/125]

w 598. A George II Sterling Silver Crested Mug, Thomas Whippham, London, 1751-2, plain baluster form, molded rim and applied foot, “S” scroll handle cast in two halves, engraved crest above asymmetrical monogrammed shield featuring foliate scrolls, height 3 3/4 in., weight 6 troy ozs. 7 dwts. [$500/700]

612. A Pair of Carved Giltwood Figural Architectural Fragments, 19th c., mirror images showing youthful angels with wings, boldly carved scrolls and acanthus, height 19 1/2 in., depth 3 1/2 in., length 35 in. [$1200/1800]

619. A Pair of Italian Neo-Classical Fluted Marble Tazzas, verde and rouge variegated marble, swan handles, fluted column on plinth base, height 20 in., diameter 25 in. [$2500/3500]

655. A Monumental Antique Louis XVI-Style Gilt Bronze Mirrored Surtout de Table, late 19th c., scrolling acanthus gallery punctuated with rosettes and masks, on six acanthus feet, with oak underpinnings, height 7 1/2 in., length 60 in., width 23 1/2 in. [$12000/18000]

656. A Large Pair of Royal Vienna Bleu du Roi, Polychromed and Gilt Porcelain Garniture Vases, c. 1880, with elaborate figural reserves in the Antique taste, one scene after Henryk Siemiradzki (Russian, 1843-1902), “Weib Oder Vase” of 1878, each presented on matching drum bases, height 22 in., diameter of base 7 1/4 in. [$5000/7000]

660. A Louis-Philippe Gilt Bronze-Mounted Rouge Royale Marble Mantel Clock, c. 1830, featuring Cupid and Psyche, height 23 in., length 14 in., depth 6 in. [$3500/5500]

663. A Tiffany Studios Bronze Desk Set in “Venetian” Pattern, early 20th c., New York, comprising a letter holder, ink stand, slant front desk clock, calendar frame, rocker blotter, stamp box, pen tray and small box (8 pcs.). [$5000/8000]
Provenance: Descended in a New Orleans family.

667. A Pair of Russian Brass-Mounted Malachite Obelisks in the First Empire Style, c. 1900, with applied lyre decoration, the square bases with masks and scrolled feet, height 30 3/4 in., 7 5/8 in. x 7 5/8 in. [$1500/2500]

696. A Rare American Late Classical Gilt Bronze Bracketed Girandole, c. 1845, probably Henry N. Cooper & Co., Boston, retaining original gilt surface, the backplate modeled as a Bacchus masque attached to a vintage pattern scrolled arm with eagle finial, suspending the pendant basket, issuing five arms and candlecups, the whole very finely cast, height 21 in., width 13 in., depth 16 in. [$1500/2500]
Note: An interesting discussion of various girandoles and the American makers may be found in Nineteenth Century Lighting, by H. Parrott Bacot, Schiffer, 1987.

750. A Newcomb College Arts and Crafts Brass Inlaid Rosewood Box, c. 1886-87, the lid with stylized fern fronds, pierced corner mounts and hasp, height 2 in., width 7 1/8 in., depth 4 1/4 in. [$4000/6000]
Note: The corner mounts and hasp on this box are identical to those on a documented Newcomb example.
Responding to demand for continuation of the art instruction given at the 1884-85 World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition held in New Orleans, Tulane University organized evening and weekend courses for men and women. From 1886-87, the Tulane Decorative Art League, an outgrowth of the these classes, offered instruction to women in, among other disciplines, woodcarving. Here, students completed rosewood boxes and frames with floral-inspired brass inlays.
Reference: Jessie Poesch, Newcomb Pottery & Crafts: An Educational Enterprise for Women, 1895-1940, Schiffer Publishing Co., 2003, pp 14-5.

w 751. An English Lightwood Souvenir Box, late 19th c., the lid with transfer-printed portrait of General Robert E. Lee, the side marked “Made of wood which grew near Alloway Kirk on the banks of the Doon”, length 4 in., width 2 1/2 in., note: hinges missing, together with cast bronze profile of President Abraham Lincoln, with maker’s inscription: “Patent Applied For W.M. Millies Metalish. Providence, R.I.F. Simmons sculp.”, length 8 in., depth 5 3/4 in. [$150/200]

823. A Pair of Patinated Bronze Urns in the Egyptian Taste, 20th c., baluster form with asp-form handles, over-all decorated in figural masks and glyphs, on plinth base, height 34 in., width 24 in., depth 15 in. [$2000/3000]

841. A Pair of Late George III Mahogany Cutlery Boxes, c. 1820, slant lid, serpentine front, having satinwood inlay, opening to a divided interior, height 14 1/2 in., width 9 in., depth 11 in. [$1500/2500]

w 844. A Group of Antique Snuff Boxes, 19th c., including a silver-mounted horn, a tole book-shaped box, a carved wood shoe-shaped box and other examples together with an ivory foo dog netsuke and book-shaped match strike (8 pcs.) [$400/600]

w 862. An Interesting Group of Three Pairs of Candlesticks, including a pair of English Victorian turned mahogany vasiform sticks on circular bases, height 12 1/8 in., a pair of short ironstone blue and white sticks, marked “Emundu”, height 5 1/4 in., and a pair of short Edwardian silverplate fluted columnar candlesticks with stepped bases, stamped “WH” and “MAP”, height 5 14 in. [$200/400]

w 863. An American Pewter Tea Urn, early 20th c., spherical body with a brass spigot, baluster-form standard and footed cruciform base, height 16 in., depth 11 in. [$200/300]

864. A Large Cased Meerschaum Pipe, 20th c., the bowl carved as a beaded man in a turban with amber mouth piece, length 16 in. [$300/400]

w 865. An Antique Continental Stoneware Barrel-Form Wine Cask, decorated with applied grapes, vines and leaves, silver luster highlights, height 14 in., width 12 1/2 in. [$300/500]

966. An English Oak Biscuit Barrel, c. 1890, with silverplate lid, handle and fittings, height 7 1/4 in., depth 5 1/2 in. [$75/125]

967. An English Oak and Brass Postage Scale, c. 1900, having a balance set on a triangular oak base with weights compartment, height 4 1/4 in., width 5 in., length 9 1/2 in. [$75/125]

968. An English Mahogany Tea Caddy, 19th c., the molded lid with brass bail handle, void interior lined with red paper, floral escutcheon, raised on bracket feet, height 5 1/4 in., width 9 in., depth 5 in. [$75/125]

1037. Two Small Bejeweled Pink Enamel Metal Boxes, one rectangular with “paste” studded quilted top, length 3 in., the other oval with pierced sides and top ornamented by grapes and leaves, length 2 1/2 in. [$150/250]

1038. Two Fanciful Enamelled and Bejeweled Metal Boxes, one in the shape of a pineapple, height 3 in., the other a blue guitar case with musical notes on the side, length 3 in. [$150/250]

1039. A Victorian Brass-Mounted Figured Walnut Jewelry Box, mid-19th c., with bone insets, engraved brass mounts, interior lined with silk, together with a Victorian inlaid walnut tea caddy, height 4 in., width 10 in., depth 7 in. [$100/150]

1042. A Vintage Apothecary Decanter, early 20th c., having blown and molded body with stopper, raised on tripodal aluminum stand with outswept legs, height 23 in., diameter 9 1/2 in. [$150/250]

1043. A Group of Five French Copper Sauce Pots, probably early 20th c., one marked “Paris”, tin lined, with similar riveted handles, diameters from 4 1/2 in. to 11 1/4 in. [$400/600]

w 1044. A Large French Copper Pot with Lid, late 19th/early 20th c., marked “PLC” on lid and pot, hand-hammered, tin-lined, with riveted handles, height 10 3/4 in., diameter 27 in. [$800/1200]

w 1045. A Large French Copper Pot with Lid, late 19th/early 20th c., marked “Gaillard, Paris”, hand-hammered, tin-lined with riveted handles, height 17 1/2 in., diameter 23 1/2 in. [$800/1200]

1046. An Interesting Group of Tole Serving Pieces, comprising an unpainted 19th c. hot water urn with covered cup, a paint-decorated American reticulated oval fruit basket, c. 1830, a small gilt-decorated oval tray, c. 1820, and a large galleried oval serving tray painted black, length 26 in. (5 pcs.) [$500/800]

1104. An English Oak Biscuit Barrel, c. 1890, with silverplate lid, handles, feet and monogram plate, note: cracks in wood and finial missing, height 6 3/4 in., depth 5 1/2 in. [$75/125]

w 1105. An Antique Anglo-Indian Quill and Bone-Inlaid Wood Box, the sides and slide top set with quills in a frame of dark wood inlaid with bone roundels, height 2 in., width 7 in., depth 4 in. [$125/150]

w 1106. An Antique Anglo-Indian Tortoiseshell and Bone Inlaid Box, embellished with bands of pierced and inked foliate designs, a central plaque depicting a squirrel, and white metal studs, height 2 1/2 in., width 7 in., depth 5 in. [$100/200]

w 1107. A Victorian Inlaid Walnut Sewing Box, late 19th c., domical lid, bands of specimen inlay, the cartouche and escutcheon of mother-of-pearl, void interior, height 5 1/4 in., width 11 1/2 in., depth 8 3/4 in. [$100/150]

1108. A Group of Four Antique-Handled Umbrellas, late 19th/early 20th c., comprising three gold-filled and mother-of-pearl examples and one sterling silver piece, two with engraved monogram, length of longest handle 11 3/4 in. [$150/250]

w 1109. A Small English Mother-of-Pearl and Pewter Inlaid Rosewood Tea Caddy, mid-19th c., with the word “Tea” on lid, height 4 in., length 5 1/2 in., depth 4 3/4 in. [$75/150]

w 1110. An English Figured Walnut, Brass and Bone-Mounted Tea Caddy, 19th c., fitted interior, together with a rosewood tea caddy, height 4 1/2 in., width 7 3/4 in., depth 6 in, and height 5 3/4 in., width 9 1/2 in., depth 6 in. respectively. (2 pcs.) [$75/150]

1134. A Choctaw Single Weave Sewing Basket, natural, rose, black, green and gold river cane, note: some loss, height 3 3/4 in., width 9 in., depth 9 in. [$200/300]

w 1135. A Chitimacha Single Weave Sifter Tray Basket, natural river cane, good condition, height 4 3/4 in., width 21 3/4 in., depth 20 1/4 in. [$300/500]

1136. A Small Chitimacha River Cane Basket, natural cane body, red between dark brown bands, yellow and dark brown alternating splints below red and natural hem, all colors natural dyes, fair condition, note: broken hem, height 2 in., width 3 in., depth 3 in. [$150/250]

1140. A Pair of Antique Colonial Revival Celluloid Portrait Miniatures of George Washington, one after Gilbert Stuart, in an oval brass frame with cobalt glass verso, h. 4 in., w. 3 1/8 in., the other a rectangular portrait in gilt brass frame with maroon velvet backing, h. 3 1/2 in., w. 2 3/4 in., together with an oval portrait miniature of Lord Nelson, h. 6 3/8 in., w. 4 3/4 in. (3 pcs.) [$150/300]

w 1141. Albert De Lesseps (American/New Orleans, active early 20th c.), a cast plaster medallion, depicting a bust relief portrait of Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, white face on a brown ground, inscribed en verso “Bienville/B/Alb. de Lesseps/1919”, in its original “Souvenir of the Cabildo” box, height 2 3/4 in., width 2 in. [$75/150]

w 1142. An American Brass Votive Candlestand and Lid, 20th c., having a sunburst pierced lid with Maltese cross finial above a circular stand on three feet, height 10 1/2 in., diameter 5 1/2 in. [$75/150]

1173. Three French Portrait Miniatures, late 19th c., two en suite and signed “Resch”, depicting “Marie Louise” and “Desaix de Veycoux”, in matching bronze frames; the other a watercolor of a maiden, in a fine Louis XVI-style gilt bronze frame, height 3 3/4 in., width 4 3/4 in., and height 5 in., width 3 1/2 in. [$300/500]

w 1174. A Pair of Italian Carved Walnut Campagna Urns, early 20th c., the upper fluted, the lower part lobed, with large scrolled handles, the whole set upon a stepped square base, height 15 14 in., width with handles 14 7/8 in. [$200/300]

1175. A Wrought Iron Fireplace Fender, with hooks for a spit, decorative scrolled feet, with added twisted supports holding rock crystal spheres, height 34 1/2 in., width 44 1/2 in., depth 41 in. [$800/1200]

w 1176. A Pair of Classical-Style Argente Bronze Urns, 20th c., baluster-form, having double swan handles, wreath mounts, decorated with gadroon borders and classical scenes in relief, on marble base, height 20 1/2 in., width 11 1/2 in., depth 7 in. [$800/1200]

1177. A Large Pair of Decorative Beaux Arts-Style Six-Light Brass and Marble Candelabra, each with tall, cylindrical red and white marble standard and hung with glass beads and prisms, height 30 in., diameter 16 1/8 in. [$1000/1500]

w 1218. A Gold-Filled Handled Cane with a Dog’s Head, c. 1880, engraved “JJF to HHB / January 5, 1884”, together with a Victorian gold-filled and bone walking cane handle. [$275/375]
Provenance: Descended in the family of Henry Hester Bate, Chairman of the New Orleans Cotton Exchange.

w 1219. A Group of Three Antique Microscopes, one marked R. Winkel in a mahogany box, one marked W. Watson and Sons, London, another unmarked in a mahogany box, with various lenses, some marked LEITZ, together with a group of nine porcelain pestles. [$500/700]

w 1220. A Vintage Polychrome Composition Figure of “Nipper”, the RCA Advertising Dog, posed in the familiar “His Master’s Voice” position, height 14 in., width 12 in., depth 6 1/2 in. [$200/300]

w 1221. A Vintage American Pine Shoeshine Box, mid 20th c., the hinged lid fitted with a pad panel over a tapering base, height 13 in., width 12 in., depth 12 in. [$75/125]

1222. A Vintage Mills Novelty Co. Nickel Slot Machine, early 20th c., Chicago, painted metal and oak, with visible coin “train”, key-card showing payouts, on integral wood base, height 26 in., width 16 in., depth 15 in. [$1000/1500]

1223. An Untitled Bark Painting, the design divided into seven bands that include a flower motif, a design of vertical and horizontal bands of black, red and white, and a star-like decor, 52 in. x 23 3/4 in., [$200/400]
Provenance: High Museum, Atlanta, GA.

1259. A Group of Antique Copper and Brass Kitchen Articles, including round Middle-Eastern punch-work decorated brass bound covered box, diameter 11 in., a copper saucepan with pierced lid, length 13 in., a brass open pan with wrought iron handle, height 9 1/2 in., a Turkish jar, height 8 in., and a copper preserve pot with iron handles, height 9 in. [$75/125]

1260. An American Walnut Hanging Candle Box, mid-19th c., of tapered rectangular form with lid, and pierced heart, note: split in upper decorative edge, height 20 1/4 in., width 7 3/4 in., depth 5 1/2. [$75/125]

1327. A Pair of Rococo-Style Brass Andirons, 19th c., probably French, urn and baluster form with raised anthemion decoration, on tripod paw feet, height 22 1/2 in., width 10 in., depth 26 1/2 in. [$700/1000]

1336. A Pair of Empire-Style Gilt and Patinated Bronze Six-Light Candelabra, the reeded and acanthus leaf-bound standard issuing one central and five scrolled branches, the triangular base with three paw feet, height 26 1/2 in., width 11 1/4 in. [$800/1200]

w 1351. A Pair of Continental Rococo-Style Carved Walnut Brackets, formed of foliate scroll motifs, length 12 1/2 in., width 9 3/4 in., note: some portions missing or loose. [$400/600]

1352. A Set of Four Argente Bronze Table Candlesticks, each lobed baluster form raised on four scroll supports, the lobes and knops decorated with foliage and beads, height 12 1/2 in. [$300/400]

1369. An Antique Chinese Cloisonné Enameled Bronze Jardiniere on Stand, decorated with wide multi-color floral band and two narrow geometric ones on a field of bronze hexagons, on a modern wooden stand, height 15 in., depth 12 1/2 in. [$150/250]

1370. A Group of Small Boxes, including a brass-mounted Chinese porcelain box with floral sprays, a shaped brass-mounted “Sevres” porcelain box with light blue ground and floral polychrome, a rectilinear brass box with a porcelain figural miniature on the lid, together with a portrait miniature of a lady in an openwork giltwood frame, note: losses to frame (4 pcs.) [$125/175]

w 1371. A Paris-Style Porcelain Corbeille and Liner, the circular reticulated form with aqua ground and gilt highlights, on paw feet, height 6 in., diameter 11 in. [$100/200]

1381. An Antique Faux Bois Column, 19th c., in ochre paint, with molded top, on square base, height 92 in. [$100/200]

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