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Information below is the lot/description information from our Louisiana Purchase Auction, October 12 & 13, 2002. Descriptions listed below are NOT guaranteed accurate. Call 1-800-467-5329 for general information on Neal Auction Company. Follow the catalogue link to order our beautifully illustrated catalogue.  *Denotes image only available on-line.

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*15. A Pair of French Cloisonne and Gilt Bronze Candleholders, c. 1865-1880, each foot engraved “F. Barbedienne”, the multi-shaped stem supporting an urn-form candlenozzle on an inverted dish-shaped foot, height 9 in. [$800/1200]
56. A George III-Style Patinated Brass and Etched Glass Hall Lantern, the domical soot cover above eight arched panels fitted with alternating plain and foliate etched glass panes, electrified, height 22 in., diameter 12 in. [$250/350]
63. An Italian Neo-Classical Style Giltwood Six-Light Chandelier, 19th c., the stem in the form of a torch, surmounted by a large flame finial, each foliate scrolled branch with bud rosette terminals issuing a dish-shaped drip pan, the whole terminating in a bud pendant, height 30 in., diameter 26 in. [$3500/5000]
118. A Set of Four Italian Argente Bronze Pricket Altar Candlesticks, late 19th c., each of columnar ribbed form, the triangular pedestal raised on scroll feet, height 28 in. [$700/900]
197. A Pair of Baroque-Style Argente Bronze Four-Light Appliques, each oval backplate joined by a scrolled branch supporting a cartouche outlined bowl surmounted by beaded drip pans, ribbed candlenozzles, and centered by a knopped finial, height 17 in., depth 12 in. [$1200/2000]
*198. A Pair of Louis XV-Style Gilt Brass and Rock Crystal Five-Light Appliques, each acanthine backplate joined by scrolled branches issuing foliate drip pans and urn form candlenozzles and decorated with tear-drop shaped crystal pendants, electrified, height 18 in., width 20 in., depth 10 in. [$2000/3000]
*199. A Pair of Bohemian Porcelain and Gilt Bronze Vases, late 19th c., in the Sevres taste, each ovoid form with domical lid, the rim mounted by a beaded circlet, the shoulders joined by ram’s head with ring handles, the body decorated with 18th c. courting couple and enhanced with raised gilt diapering and scrolls, the stem bound by a wreath, on a concave angled plinth, now mounted as lamps, electrified, height 15 in. [$1000/1500]
200. A Pair of Charles X-Style Gilt and Patinated Bronze Candleholders, each columnar standard resting on an engine turned circular foot displaying a vintage border executed in relief, now mounted as lamps with custom decorated tole shades, height 22 in. [$1200/1800]
201. A Charles X-Style Eglomise Lamp Standard, the columnar upright having a terracotta ground transfer decorated with Roman equestrian procession and highlighted with gilt bands, on a gilt bronze plinth, electrified, height 22 in. [$300/500]
234. An American Gilt Brass and Cut Crystal Four-Light Gasolier, mid-19th c., the pierced corona above pendant chains of glass jewels, the plain circlet supporting “Albert” spear pendants, the pierced circlet joined by scrolled branches supporting blown and cut glass shades, the two lower graduated and descending tiers of glass pendants centered by a faceted spherule pendant, electrified, height 43 in., diameter 34 in. [$5000/7000]
235. A Pair of Fine Empire-Style Bronze Dore’ Lamps, 19th c., each in the form of a Roman oil lamp having a flame shaped nozzle, the fluted oval vessels surmounted by a young maiden reading and a shepherd boy playing pipes, the spreading socle on an angled green marble pedestal, the maiden lacking her book, previously electrified, height 13 1/2 in. [$4000/6000]
236. A Fine Pair of Napoleon III Gilt and Patinated Bronze Seven-Light Figural Candelabra, mid-19th c., each standard in the form of a classical maiden holding a gilt-bronze cornucopia issuing foliate and floral branches on a pierced and scrolling pedestal, numbered and signed “H. Picard”, a noted French bronzier, height 33 in., width 16 in. [$7000/9000]
299. A Pair of Italian Gilt Bronze Candleholders, after the Antique, each standard entwined in a vine, the candle nozzle encircled by ram’s heads, the base joined by a trio of lions with raised hind quarters, their paws resting on spherules, height 13 in. [$1000/1500]
351. A Pair of Empire-Style Gilt Bronze Three Light Appliques, c. 1860-1880, after a famous model by E.J. Gallien and P. Bureaux, each with a ribbon-tied back plate above three trumpet-form scrolling candlebranches tied with a bow knot supporting a stag’s hoof and tasseled pendant, height 34 1/2 in. [$1200/1800]
Note: A set of early appliques closely related to this lot is illustrated in Le Petit Trianon by D. LeDoux-Lebard, Paris, 1989, page 98.
352. A Pair of Italian Patinated Bronze Five-Light Candelabra, c. 1860-1880, after the Antique, each surmounted by a Classical figure, the urn-form candle nozzles above a lappeted stem surrounded by tragic masked heads, the legs divided by palmetto fronds, on hoofed feet, height 26 in. [$1400/1800]
353. A Pair of George III-Style Gilt Bronze and Porcelain Two-Light Sconces, each backplate displaying an allegorical plaque hung from a beribboned bow, the scrolled branches issuing dish-shaped drip pans and urn form candlenozzles, unelectrified, height 19 in., diameter 8 in. [$1000/1500]
405. A Pair of Charles X Patinated Bronze Candleholders, c. 1825-1830, each standard supporting a drip pan and candle nozzle, the trio of animal paw feet on concave plinth, unelectrified, height 9 3/4 in. [$1000/1250]
508. A Pair of French Empire Gilt and Patinated Bronze Candelabra, by Claude-Francois Rabiat, c. 1810, each with a figure of the goddess Nike, holding a pair of French horns continuing to acanthus leaves issuing drip pans and candle nozzles, her foot resting on a fire gilt leaf cast hemisphere above an engine-turned circular plinth, raised on a stepped base, stamped “Rabiat” on bottom of base, height 26 in. [$18000/24000]
Note: Claude-Francois Rabiat (1756-1815) established an important foundry in Paris early in the 19th century. He supplied most of the major bronziers, including Thomire, Galle and Feuchere. Rabiat is discussed and illustrated in D. Ledoux-Lebard, Rabiat, L’Estampille.
509. A Fine Pair of American Rococo Gilt Bronze Six-Light Wall Brackets, c. 1855, attributed to Henry N. Hooper & Co., Boston, the brackets composed of bearded masks from which extend scroll arms with eagle finials holding six-arm round fixtures of foliate and scroll design, drilled for electricity, height 18 in., diameter 12 1/2 in. Reference: H. Parrott Bacot, Nineteenth Century Lighting, p. 248. [$3500/4500]
528. A Monumental Pair of Empire-Style Gilt and Patinated Bronze Five-Light Appliques, each backplate in the form of Victory, her arms outstretched holding wreaths, her head supporting an urn joined by scrolled branches fronted by bearded masks and issuing ribbed candlenozzles, electrified, height 40 in. [$4000/6000]
529. A Very Fine Pair of Tall Empire-Style Rock Crystal and Malachite Lamp Standards, each gilt bronze mounted columnar upright raised upon a rectangular pedestal, the malachite plinth on engine-turned spherule feet, electrified, height 26 1/2 in. [$6000/8000]
530. A Large Charles X-Style Gilt Bronze Eight-Light Chandelier, the vasiform stem joined by scrolled handles, the foliated scrolled branches issuing dish-shaped pans with everted leaf tips, the bowl terminating in a bud pendant, height 44 in., diameter 44 in. [$2000/3000]
758. A Victorian Brass Repousse’ Double Salon Lamp, 19th c., fitted with white milk glass shades. [$300/500]
Provenance: The J.M. White, descended in the family of Capt. John W. Tobin to Frances Tobin, thence to the present collection.
812. A Neo-Classical Black Cast Iron Column, late 19th c., having a Corinthian capital and base, resting on a composite stepped plinth, now mounted as a lamp with an orb-shaped finial, height 73 in., width 16 in., depth 16 in. [$600/800]
*1154. A Pair of Large Decorative Wrought Iron and Engraved Glass Pendant Lanterns, each corona supporting floral decorated ribs joining a hexagonal frame containing rectangular foliate decorated glass panes, height 48 in. [$2500/3500]
1155. A “Sevres” Jaune Porcelain Banquet Lamp, late 19th c., spurious blue interlaced “L’s” and “France”, the floral decorated spherule glass globe resting upon an urn form font containing a removable repousse’ brass kerosene burner and reservoir, reserves depicting a floral bouquet and a romantic couple, each bordered in tooled gold, the tapered standard displaying a maiden holding a basket of flowers, under dish raised on scrolled feet, the underside with an age crack, electrified, height 30 in. [$300/500]
1156. An American Glass, Brass and Metal Banquet Lamp, late 19th c. in the “Sevres” style, the etched glass globe raised upon a removable kerosene font retained within urn form, the standard colored in a pale green reserved in white and decorated with floral clusters outlined in raised gold on pierced concave plinth raised on scrolled feet, electrified, height 35 in. [$300/500]
1179. A Pair of French Bronze Figural Lamps, late 19th c., the standards in the form of Mercury and his consort, each with arm raised on the wings of Zephyr, the marble pedestal with continuous Classical frieze on a marble plinth and later wooded base, electrified, height 36 in. [$600/900]
*1180. A Decorative Gilt Bronze and Colored Glass Six-Light Chandelier, the domical corona supporting links of chain, the circular frame containing a floral molded glass basket joined by scrolled branches hung with glass pendant lights, electrified, height 38 in., diameter 36 in. [$1000/1500]
1229. A Pair of Baroque-Style Gilt Bronze Urns, each domical lid above a band decorated with cabochon and mounted by gryphon head masks holding wreaths, the foliate stem on a circular foot, now mounted as lamps, height 14 in. [$800/1200]
1230. A Pair of Louis XV-Style Gilt Bronze Five Light Candelabra, each fluted stem ringed with guilloche, the scrolled branches issuing dish-shaped drip pans and urn form candlenozzle, the fluted spreading foot on a verte marble plinth, now mounted as lamps with paper shades, height 16 1/2 in., diameter 16 1/2 in. [$2000/3000]
1402. An Arts and Crafts Green Slag Glass and Cast Iron Kerosene Lamp, early 20th c., by Success, pyramidal shade with grid gallery and rim, robust square standard, old black surface, now electrified, height 20 in., width of shade 11 in. [$150/250]
1403. A Tall Victorian Cut Glass and Brass Kerosene Table Lamp, globe-form cut glass oil well, foliate scroll supports and barley twist standard, now electrified and with a later white leaded glass shade, height 29 in. [$200/300]
1404. A Brass and Ebonized Wood Two-Light Colonial Revival Electric Table Lamp, early 20th c., resembling a candelabra with black tole peinte shade below a brass orb shaped finial, height 24 in., width 14 1/4 in. [$200/400]
1460. A Victorian Brass and Onyx Piano Lamp Table, the circular table top having a gilt metal pierced skirt, the fluted shaft topped by an embossed acanthus motif, and resting on scrollwork tripod feet, having a glass hand-painted globe shade with a pink rose motif, electrified, height 71 in., width 22 1/2 in. [$400/600]

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