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Information below is the lot/description information from our Important Estates Auction, September 12th & 13th, 2015. Descriptions listed below are NOT guaranteed accurate. Call 1-800-467-5329 for general information on Neal Auction Company. Follow the catalogue link to order our beautifully illustrated catalogue.

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1101. [Leather Bindings], 80 modern leather bindings incl. Herman Melville, Moby Dick, 2 vols.; Dostoevsky, The Possessed; Douglas Southall Freeman, Lee's Lieutenants: A Study in Command, 3 vols.; John Updike, Marry Me; Gore Vidal, Kalki; Eugene O'Neill, Plays; Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass; Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre; Albert Schweitzer, Out of My Life and Thought; Herman Wouk, The Caine Mutiny, and others. [$400/600]

1102. [Leather Bindings], Encyclopaedia Britannica, The Historians' History of the World, 27 vols., 1926; together with John Lord, Beacon Lights of History, 10 vols., 1883 (37 pcs.) [$200/400]

1103. [Decorative Leather Bindings], 34 books incl. Anglo Saxon Classics: Norroena Embracing the History and Romance of Northern Europe, limited edition, 15 vols., full leather, tooled and gilt; Oriental Series: China and Japan, Artists Edition #431 of 500, 12 vols., 1901; together with R.L. Stevenson, Stephenson's Works, published by Scribner's, in 7 volumes, 1/2 red leather with marbled boards. [$150/250]

1104. [Leather Bindings], Encyclopaedia Britannica, 14th ed., 24 vols., 1929, brown leather bindings. [$200/300]

1105. [Art Reference Books], 35 books and exhibition records incl. The Worldwide Bibliography of Art Exhibition Catalogues, 1963 1987, 3 vols., Kraus International, 1992; A. Graves, A Century of Loan Exhibitions, 1813 1912, 3 vols., 1970; J. Meyer, Great Exhibitions, 1851 1900, 2006; Revisiting the White City, American Art at the 1893 World's Fair, Smithsonian Institution, 1993; Perkins and Gavin, Art Exhibition Index, 1927 74, The Boston Athenaeum, 1980; and others. [$200/300]

1106. [Art Reference Books], 25 books incl. C. Dezobry, ed., Dictionnaire generale, Biographie et D'Histoire, 2 vols., 1883; McGraw Hill, Dictionary of Art, 5 vols., 1969; G. Vasari, Lives of the Painters, Sculptors and Architects, 2 vols., 1996; Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, 2 vols., 1886; A Dictionary of Painters, Sculptors, Architects, and Engravers, 1810 (2 copies); F. Gardner, The Painters Encyclopedia, 1901; H. Tuckerman, Book of the Artists, American Artist Life, 1867; Black's Dictionary of Pictures, A Guide to the Best Work of the Best Masters, 1921; J. Canaday, The Lives of the Painters, 4 vols., 1969; and others. [$200/300]

1107. [American Art Reference Books], 60 books incl. P. Cummings, Dictionary of Contemporary American Artists, 1977; D. Dawdy, Artists of the American West, 3 vols., 1980; Essays on American Art and Artists, 1896; J.G. Huneker, Americans in the Arts, 1890 1920, 1985; Art of the United States Capitol, 1976; D. Goddard, American Painting, 1990; W. Craven, Colonial American Portraiture, 1986; G. Groce and D. Wallace, The New York Historical Society's Dictionary of Artists in America, 1957, Who Was Who in American Art: 1564 1975, P. Hastings ed., 3 vols., 1999. [$300/500]

1108. [Art Reference Books], 40 books incl. Art Index, October 1932 September 1935 and October 41 September 1944 (vol. 5), Art Index, November 1950 November 1991 (vols. 8 40, 33 missing); The Cosmopolitan Journal, December 1858; The Art Journal, Appleton, vol. I, 1869; The Art Journal, Appleton, vol. I, 1875; The Art Journal, Appleton, 1910; C. Cook, Art and Artists of Our Time, vol. II, 1888; Rapports du Jury Internationale, Exposition Universelle de 1900. [$300/500]

1109. Patinated Bronze of "Paleolithic Man", 20th c., after Frederic Sackrider Remington (American, 1861 1909), cast signature and copyright mark at edge of self base, square green marble base, h. 16 in. [$300/500]

1110. Three Modern French Prints, Aristide Maillol (1861 1944), "Market", artist stamp and numbered "7/100", 5 in. x 5 in.; Georges Lambert (1919 1998), "Fall Landscape", pencil signed and numbered "169/175", 22 1/4 in. x 30 in.; Raoul Dufy (1877 1953), "Untitled", lithographic bookplate, initialed in plate, 9 7/8 in. x 6 7/8 in., each framed. [$400/600]

1111. Karl Schrag (German/American, 1930 1995), "Night Sky Deer Isle", 1985, color lithograph, pencil signed, titled, dated and numbered "6/40" lower margin, sight 24 1/2 in. x 19 in.; together with Johnny Friedlaender (German, 1912 1992), "Friedlaender Exhibition Poster", engraving, pencil signed lower right, inscribed "To John Weinstock" lower left, 25 3/4 in. x 15 5/8 in., both framed, (2 pcs.) [$200/300]
Provenance: Joel N. Weinstock Collection, New Orleans.

1112. Four American Artworks on Paper, Thomas Browne Cornell (American, 1937 2012), "Pig", 1974, etching, pencil signed lower right, numbered "16/75", 5 3/4 in. x 7 3/4 in.; James Milton Meade (American/Mississippi, 20th c.), "Rocky Shore", watercolor on paper, pencil signed lower right, sight 10 1/2 in. x 7 in.; Jack Perlmutter (American/Washington D.C. 1920 2006), "Park", reproduction print, pencil signed, titled and embossed "JP" stamp lower margin, sight 9 3/4 in. x 14 1/2 in.; Barbara Putnam (American, 20th c.), "Glyceria Striata", 2002, woodcut on Japanese rice paper, pencil signed, titled, dated and numbered "2/14" lower margin, sight 12 1/2 in. x 12 in., all framed, (4 pcs.) [$400/600]

1113. Three Modern Prints, Jacques Hnizdovsky (Ukrainian/American, 1915 1985), "Eagle", 1968, woodcut; Sergio Gonzalez Tornero (Chilean, b. 1927), "Cool World", 1966, artist proof etching; Ernest Posey (American/Louisiana, 1937 2007), "Isotropic Expansion", 1976, color screen print, each signed, dated and titled, one numbered, 16 1/2 in. x 13 3/4 in. to 26 3/4 in. x 36 3/4 in., each framed, (3 pcs.) [$300/500]
Provenance: Collection of Artist Charles Fritchie (b. 1936), New Orleans, LA.

1114. Sir Francis Seymour Haden (British, 1818 1910), "Evening", 1864, etching and drypoint, mounted on artist board, third state (of 3), pencil signed, signed and dated in plate, sheet 6 in. x 3 3/4 in., unframed; together with Federico Castellon (American, 1914 1971), "Abstraction : Madrid", 1934, color print, signed, titled and dated en verso, sheet 11 1/2 in. x 9 1/2 in., unframed, (2 pcs.) [$150/250]

1115. Doyle Gertjejansen (American/New Orleans, b. 1948), "Rough Zones", 1994, etching on paper, pencil signed, titled and dated lower margin, sight 10 in. x 11 in.; together with Ernest Noel Posey (American/New Orleans, 1937 2007), "Scintillae", 1994, hand colored etching, pencil signed, titled and dated lower margin, artist proof, sheet 12 in. x 12 in., both framed, (2 pcs.) [$300/500]

1116. Simon Gunning (Australian/Louisiana, b. 1956), "Resting Rhino", 1983, screenprint on paper, pencil signed, dated and numbered "16/50" lower center, 13 1/2 in. x 22 in., framed. [$200/300]

1117. James Louis Steg (American/New Orleans, 1922 2001), "Battle Scene #2", 1961, intaglio on paper, pencil signed, titled, dated and numbered 8/35 in lower margin, 25 3/4 in. x 31 3/4 in., framed. [$300/500]
Provenance: Collection of artist and educator George C. Wolfe, New Orleans, LA.

1118. James Louis Steg (American/New Orleans, 1922 2001), "The Goat Herder (Mexico)", 1958, intaglio etching on paper, pencil signed, titled, dated and inscribed "studio print" lower margin, "Carol Robinson Gallery, New Orleans" card en verso, sight 11 1/2 in. x 18 1/2 in., framed. [$200/300]
Provenance: Collection of artist and educator George C. Wolfe, New Orleans.

1119. Nine American School Etchings, incl. Terry Baker, "Diestelhorst Bridge", 1973; Paul Bedamer, "Fishing Fleet, Havana"; Kerr Eby, "Lobster Man"; Walter Locke, "Andote Light", 1936; Sarah Carothers Rhode, "Camden Harbor", 1923, color etching; Ernest David Roth, "Untitled (Rainy Street Scene)", "Home of Mary Washington", 1928, and "Sesto Fiorenino", 1924; Walter Curtis Yeomane, "The Covered Bridge Winter", 9 in. x 6 in. to 10 in. x 12 1/2 in., all unframed, (9 pcs.) [$600/800]

1120. Jack Bilander (Polish/American, 1919 2008), "Persephone (Queen of the Underworld)", 1968, etching on paper, pencil signed, titled, dated and inscribed "A/P" lower margin, sight 16 1/2 in. x 8 1/2 in.; together with Assadour (Lebanese, b. 1943), "Penelope", etching on paper, pencil signed and numbered "93/100" lower margin, titled in plate lower right, sight 4 1/4 in. x 5 1/4 in., each framed, (2 pcs.) [$200/300]

1121. Continental School, late 20th c., "Titian, Titian, Venice", mixed media on canvas, unsigned, 58 in. x 58 in., unframed. [$500/800]
Provenance: Robert Maytag Estate, Newton, IA.

1122. Four American School Works on Paper, incl. Jan Heath, "The Note", monoprint collage; Paige Perry, "Reflection", 1977, etching; Kathy Halbach, "Two Mice", etching; Leonard Baskin, "Rabbi", woodcut, each pencil signed, 1 dated, 2 pencil titled, 3 pencil numbered lower margin, 12 in. x 9 in. to 4 in. x 4 1/4 in., three framed, (4 pcs.) [$300/500]

1123. Turkish Kuba Carpet, brown and ivory ground, repeating design, 3 ft. 7 in. x 6 ft. 10 in. [$700/1000]
Provenance: Acquired from Kaskas Oriental Rugs, Inc., Austin, TX, 1983.

1124. Maynard First Model Rifle c. 1860, marked "Maynard Arms Co./Washington" and "Manufactured by/Mass. Arms Co./Chicopee Fall.", tape primer, tang sight, possibly Southern State purchase, barrel 26 in. [$700/1000]

1125. French Large Bore Pinfire Rifle, 19th c., marked "F.Marquis a Paris", take down stock, octagonal to round barrel 14 1/2 in. [$600/900]

1126. Frank Wesson Two Trigger Sporting Rifle, 19th c., 2nd type, 32 rimfire, serial #3442, 24 in. oct. barrel marked "Frank Wesson Worcester Mass./Pat'd Oct. 25, 1859 & Nov. 11, 1862". [$500/700]

1127. Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor Musket full stock, barrel sight, barrel 31 in. [$400/600]

1128. American Percussion Long Rifle, 19th c., marked "Conestoga Rifleworks/Lancaster", full stock, oct. barrel, double set trigger, barrel 39 in.; together with a primitive percussion rifle, marked "Blue Gr...", barrel 38 in. [$500/700]

1129. Winchester Single Shot Low Wall Rifle, 19th c., falling block, 25/20, marked "Manufactured by the/Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven Conn. USA", octagonal barrel 27 in. [$500/700]

1130. Winchester Model 1873 Rifle, 3rd model, 38 WCF, marked "Winchester's Repeating Arms New Haven Conn, U.S.A./King's Improvement Patented March 29, 1866, 0ctober 16, 1860", octagonal barrel 24 in. Note: Lacking dust cover. [$500/700]

1131. Two Antique European Percussion Pistols, early 19th c., walnut stocks, English with 8 1/2 in. octagonal barrel, Belgian cavalry with 9 in. round barrel. [$300/500]

1132. Westley Richards Sporterized Military Musket, 19th c., marked "W. Richards", percussion, with regimental marks, barrel 34 in. [$300/500]

1133. Potsdam Type Musket, marked with crown and "Danzig, 1836", with regimental marks, cut down, barrel 21 1/2 in. [$400/600]

1134. Two Diminutive American Side Chairs, one Gothic, the other with barley twist carving. [$200/400]
Provenance: Estate of Donald E. Pierce, Greenwood, MS and Santa Fe, NM.

1135. Twelve Harper's Weekly Prints, 1871 1886, incl. "Out of One Into Another", "The Elephant Walks Around", "Centerfold is Albany...", "Dulce et Decorum est Pro Patria Mori", "Caesar Now Be Still", "The Only Emergencies We Need Fear" and others, each 16 in. x 11 in., unframed, (12 pcs.) [$100/200]
Provenance: Property Sold for the Benefit of a Private Institution.

1136. Antique English Bandbox Mounted as a Table, 19th c. and later, floral surround, tooled leather lined interior, later turned legs, h. 21 in., dia. 22 in. [$150/250]
Provenance: Whitehall, Chapel Hill, NC.

1137. Austrian Ebonized Bentwood and Caned Triple Back Settee, late 19th c., Thonet or J. & J. Kohn, scroll arms, incurvate seat rail, flared legs; together with a single armchair with open horseshoe back, scroll arms, circular caned seat, flared legs, settee h. 42 1/5 in., w. 57 in., d. 22 in. [$500/700]

1138. Austrian Ebonized Bentwood Occasional Table, late 19th c., Thonet or J. & J. Kohn, shaped top, narrow frieze, turned standard, S scroll supports, h. 28 in., w. 32 1/2 in. [$500/700]

1139. Austrian Ebonized Bentwood Shaving Stand, late 19th c., paper label "J. & J. Kohn", scrolled mirror, shaped base with bowl cut out, towel bars, small drawers, circular shelf, outswept legs. Note: "Estate" condition. [$300/500]

1140. Neoclassical Style Gilt Bronze Mounted Marble Lamp, Corinthian columnar standard, stylobate base, h. 27 1/2 in., w. 5 1/8 in. [$250/350]

1141. Empire Style Brass Mounted Tooled Leather Table Lamp, 20th c., swan finial, columnar standard, wreath mounted pedestal, guilloche borders, overall h. 32 in., w. 5 in. [$250/350]

1142. American Carved Walnut Crib, 19th c., headboard with scrolled crest, ring turned posts, spindled rails, h. 41 1/4 in., interior l. 42 1/2 in., interior w. 28 3/4 in. [$200/400]

1143. Antique Victor Victrola, c. 1900, case with later stencil decoration, fitted interior, with collection of records, h. 42 in., w. 21 in., d. 17 1/2 in. [$300/500]

1144. Set of Ten Monogrammed Linen Damask Napkins, 22 in. x 21 1/4 in.; together with a linen card table cloth, hem stitched, flower basket embroidery, 39 in. x 19 in. [$150/250]

1145. Mark Lassiter (American/Georgia, act. 20th c.), "Nelson Mandela Commemorative Banner", 1990, inkjet on vinyl, unsigned, 96 in. x 30 in. [$500/800]
Provenance: Property of the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA, sold to benefit future acquisitions.
Note: Soon after being released from prison, the African National Congress (ANC) and anti apartheid leader Nelson Mandela made a ten day tour of American cities to great fanfare and celebration. Arriving in Atlanta, GA on June 27, 1990 Mandela and his wife met with Coretta Scott King to place a wreath of flowers at the crypt of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In the evening, Mandela spoke to a standing room only crowd at Georgia Tech's Bobby Dodd Stadium. This colorful banner was among those commissioned to mark the visit and hang along Auburn Avenue, Peachtree Street and near the Morehouse campus.

1146. Joe C. Michelet, Jr. (American/Alabama, 20th c.), "Take Off" and "Landing", 2 oils on canvas, each signed lower left, each 24 in. x 12 in., framed. [$400/600]

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