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Information below is the lot/description information from our Summer Estates Auction, July 14 & 15, 2018. Descriptions listed below are NOT guaranteed accurate. Call 1-800-467-5329 for general information on Neal Auction Company. Follow the catalogue link to order our beautifully illustrated catalogue.

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201. American Aesthetic Sterling Silver Ice Cream Set, c. 1865-1870, John Wendt, NY, act. 1859-1870, ret. Ball Black & Co., NY, act. 1851-1876, incl. ice cream slice and 12 ice cream spoons, retaining traces of gilt wash blade and bowls, slice l. 9 5/8 in., spoon l. 6 in., wt. 11.85 troy ozs.; in fitted presentation case labeled "BALL, BLACK & CO./565 7 567/BROADWAY/NEW YORK. $300/500

202. Fine American Sterling Silver Oyster Ladle, c. 1860, N.E. Crittenden, Cleveland, OH, act. 1826-1872, with applied cast oyster shell on handle, l. 13 1/8 in. $300/500

203. American Coin Silver Fish Slice in the Aesthetic Taste, Albert Coles, NY, act. 1835-1875, l. 11 3/4 in., in fitted presentation case labeled "M.W. Galt & Bro., Washington, DC", act. 1847-1871. $100/200

204. San Francisco Coin Silver Fish Serving Fork and Knife in the Aesthetic Taste, W.K. Vanderslice & Co., act. 1860-1906, knife l. 11 3/4 in., wt. 6.85 troy ozs. $200/300

205. Good Group of San Francisco Coin Silver Serving Pieces, Koehler & Ritter, act. 1867-1884, "Berkeley/Alhambra" pattern, incl. salad serving fork and spoon, vegetable serving spoon, berry spoon and cake knife, l. 8 5/8 in. to 10 1/4 in., total wt. 13.25 troy ozs. $400/600

206. Wendt "Ribbon" Pattern Sterling Silver Ice Cream Hatchet and Fish Slice, John R. Wendt & Co., New York, act. 1855-1870, pat. 1870, designer Charles Witteck, l. 11 3/4 in. and 11 1/2 in., total wt. 9.25 troy ozs. $300/500

207. Good Group of California Coin Silver Serving Pieces in the "Gothic" or "Eureka" Pattern, incl. 2 serving spoons (one marked for retailer Anderson & Randolph, San Francisco), 2 gravy ladles (one marked for retailer Samuel Jelly, Sacramento), sauce ladle and sugar shell (faintly marked "...F CAL"), total wt. 10.95 troy ozs. $250/350
Note: This pattern was first introduced in 1862 in San Francisco, where it was made by W.K. Vanderslice & Co., wc. 1860-1906, and by Koehler & Ritter, wc. 1867-1884, both of whom marketed it as "Gothic" pattern; as well as by Schulz & Fischer, wc. 1873-1888, who marketed it as "Eureka" pattern. There are also known examples by Frederick Reichel, wc. 1856-1870.

208. Schofield "Baltimore Rose" Pattern Sterling Silver Repoussé Goblet, pat. 1905, h. 6 3/4 in., wt. 7.20 troy ozs. $250/350

209. Reed & Barton "Francis I" Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Service for Eight, pattern introduced 1907, incl. 8 each: forks (l. 7 3/4 in.), knives (l. 9 1/4 in.), salad forks, cream soup spoons, butter knives (hh) and iced teaspoons, 9 teaspoons, 3 tablespoons, sugar shell, bonbon spoon, youth fork, small urn and individual nut dish, total wt. (weighable) 78.70 ozs. (65 pcs.) $2000/3000

210. American Coin Silver Punch Ladle, Wood & Hughes, New York, act. 1845-1899, "Humboldt" pattern, c. 1880, bowl retains traces of gilt wash, l. 14 1/8 in., in fitted presentation case. $200/300

211. American Coin Silver Berry Scoop in the Aesthetic Taste, Francis A. Bunnell & Co., Syracuse, NY, act. 1866-1874, l. 8 3/4 in., in fitted presentation case labeled "A.J. Stark & Co., 924 16th St., Denver". $100/200

212. Antique Continental "Lady and the Unicorn" Tapestry, after the original titled "A Mon Seul Desir", the lady flanked by a unicorn and lion, 9 ft. 3 in. x 13 ft. 4 in. $800/1200

213. Pair of Antique French Bronze Three-Light Bouillotte Lamps, 19th c., adjustable tôle shade, swan-form candlearms, dished base, electrified, h. 25 1/4 in., dia. 15 in. $1500/2500

214. Six Antique French Architectural Engravings of Pompeii, after Guiseppe Chiantarelli (Italian, 18th c.), sights 11 in. x 13 in. to 16 1/2 in. x 20 1/2 in., framed. (6 pcs.) $600/900

215. Fine Antique Engraving, "Napoleon, On Board H.M.S. Bellerophon, July 23rd, 1815", after Sir William Q. Orchardson, R.A. (1832-1910), etched by L. J. Steele, sight 27 1/4 in. x 37 in., framed. $600/800

216. John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), "Yellow Bird, or American Goldfinch", plate No. 33, from Birds of North America, later edition, sight 32 in. x 24 in., framed. $500/700

217. John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), "Blue-Winged Yellow Warbler", plate No. 20, from Birds of North America, later edition, sight 32 in. x 24 in., framed. $500/700

218. John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), "Purple Heron", plate no. 52, from Birds of North America, later edition, sight 25 in. x 35 1/2 in., framed. $500/700

219. John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), "Louisiana Heron", plate no. 44, from Birds of North America, later edition, sight 23 in. x 33 in., framed. $500/700

220. Clementine Hunter (American/Louisiana, 1886-1988), "Pecan Picking", oil on board, monogrammed mid-right, 16 in. x 24 in., framed. $3000/5000

221. Arnold E. Turtle (British/New Orleans, 1892-1954), "French Quarter Street Scene", watercolor on paper, unsigned, artist biography en verso, sight 9 1/4 in. x 10 1/4 in., framed. $700/1000

222. George Overbury "Pop" Hart (American/Illinois, 1868-1933), "A Cold Morning, Bayou St. John, New Orleans", 1918, watercolor and graphite on paper, signed, dated and inscribed lower right, titled lower left, 13 1/2 in. x 21 3/4 in., framed. $400/600
Note: Pop Hart traveled throughout his life; he enjoyed painting representations of the various cities and countries he visited, including New Orleans in the winter of 1917-18. The scene depicted here shows the boats on Bayou St. John, where goods brought down the bayou from the lake were unloaded and taken to the markets on the Mississippi River. The muted color palette captures the feeling of a south Louisiana winter day, with figures warming themselves by a small fire under an overcast sky.

223. Charles Oglesby Longabaugh (American/Illinois, 1885-1944), "High above the River, Vandalia, Illinois", 1941, and "African American Family, Waukegan, Illinois", 1937, 2 watercolors on paper, each signed, titled and dated lower left or right, one pencil-titled on matting and artist label with title and date en verso, 9 1/4 in. x 11 3/4 in. and 11 3/4 in. x 16 in., one framed. (2 pcs.) $400/600
Provenance: Descended in the family of the artist.

224. Thomas Willis (American, 1850-1925), "Three-Masted Ship Rachele", oil on canvas with silk and embroidery, unsigned, 20 in. x 36 in., period frame. $2500/3500

225. Attributed to John Haberle (American, 1856-1933), "Still Life of Apples with Basket", oil on canvas, signed lower right, 10 in. x 15 1/2 in., framed. $400/600

226. American School, mid-19th c., "Gentleman's Still Life", oil on canvas, unsigned, 8 1/4 in. x 14 1/4 in., framed. $300/500

227. Marie Therese Bernard de Jaham (American/New Orleans, 1869-1916), "View of a Country Road by a Tranquil Stream", oil on canvas, signed lower right, 10 in. x 20 in., framed. $600/800

228. George Frederick Castleden (British/New Orleans, 1861-1945), "The Log Cabin", 1936, oil on canvas, signed and dated lower left, titled en verso, 18 in. x 22 in., framed. $1500/2500
Provenance: D.H. Holmes Department Store, Canal Street, New Orleans.

229. Melissa A. Smith (American/Louisiana, b. 1964), "Louisiana Landscape", oil on canvas board, signed en verso, 6 in. x 22 3/4 in., mounted on fabric-covered board. $500/700
Provenance: Collection of Judy and the late Morris (1939-2017) Massey, New Orleans.

230. Alexander John Drysdale (American/New Orleans, 1870-1934), "Louisiana Bayou", 1911, oil wash on board, signed and dated lower right, 12 in. x 18 in., framed. $1200/1800

231. James Michalopoulos (American/New Orleans, b. 1951), "Untitled (French Quarter)", 2000, oil on canvas, signed lower left, signed and dated en verso, 48 in. x 36 in., unframed. $6000/8000
Note: Beloved New Orleans artist James Michalopoulos’ works are arguably among the most recognizable in the city. His powerful depictions of New Orleans' unique architecture have garnered him high acclaim with collectors both nationally and internationally. Michalopoulos employs expressionistic flair when creating his canvases as is evident in the painting offered here. Armed with a palette knife and bright pigments, he perfectly captures the unique energy of New Orleans by imbuing his works with a joie de vivre that mirrors the city itself.

232. David Sinclair Nixon (American/New Orleans, 1904-1973), "3 Harlequins", 1954, oil on canvas, signed, titled, dated and inscribed "Paris" en verso, 20 in. x 36 in., framed. $800/1200
Note: Born in Bessemer, Alabama, David Sinclair Nixon spent much of his early life traveling between the United States and Europe while studying violin. In the late 1920s, Nixon established a home with his wife, June Prudhomme, in Paris, where he first developed an interest in modern art and became friends with poet Ezra Pound. By 1938, Nixon had settled in New Orleans at 529 Madison Street and 532-534 Dumaine Street, where he and June would live and run a studio, exhibition and performance venue. The Nixons were quickly embraced by New Orleans’ art and literary circles. In the 1940s, Nixon opened the Little Gallery on Royal Street to exhibit his own work and that of many other local artists. The couple continued to travel extensively in Europe, Asia and North America, periodically returning to their home New Orleans. Nixon’s paintings are colorful, often abstract works, inspired by his travels and frequently featuring his signature, elongated nymph-like figures.
Ref.: Burton, Tony. “David Sinclair Nixon, Ezra Point and Ajijic.” Lake Chapala Artists. Accessed June 11, 2018.

233. Joachim Casell (Spanish/New Orleans, b. 1927), "Park A.K. New Orleans, LA", 2006, and "Primrose Ocean Springs, MS", 1993, 2 pastels on paper, each signed and dated lower left, each signed, dated and titled on backing, 14 1/2 in. x 10 in. and 10 in. x 13 in., framed. (2 pcs.) $600/800

234. Rolland Golden (American/New Orleans, b. 1931), "Variations on Beauty", 1978, watercolor on paper, signed and dated lower right, titled and inscribed en verso, 22 in. x 30 in., framed. $1000/1500
Provenance: Estate of Al Hirt; Neal Auction Company, Apr. 8, 2000, lot 733.

235. Joachim Casell (Spanish/New Orleans, b. 1927), "Roadside Flowers, New Orleans, LA", 2009, and "Foggy Sea, Low Tide, New Orleans, LA", 2008, 2 pastels on paper, signed and dated lower left, signed, dated and titled on backing, 6 in. x 8 in. and 8 in. x 12 in., framed. (2 pcs.) $600/800

236. James McConnell "Mac" Anderson (American/Mississippi, 1907-1998), "Cat Tails", 1983, oil on board, signed and dated lower right, 24 in. X 16 in., framed. $2000/3000

237. James McConnell "Mac" Anderson (American/Mississippi, 1907-1998), "Green Heron", 1984, oil on board, signed and dated lower right, 16 in. X 24 in., framed. $2000/3000

238. American School, late 19th/early 20th c., "Landscape with Figures and Dwelling along a Creek", oil on canvas, signed "S. Clark" lower right, "Donaldson Art Department Minneapolis" label on reverse of frame, 15 in. x 24 in., framed. $300/500

239. McKenney and Hall / Publishers, "ONG-PA-TON-GA" and "STUM-MA-NU", 19th c., 2 hand-colored lithographs on paper, after Charles Bird King (American/Rhode Island, 1785-1862) from History of the Indian Tribes of North America, drawn and colored by J. T. Brown, sight 18 in. x 11 1/2 in., framed alike. $600/800

240. Clara Weaver Parrish (American/Alabama, 1861-1925), "Profile of a Woman, possibly Anne Goldthwaite", oil on canvas laid down, signed lower right, 19 in. x 14 in., framed. $1200/1800
Note: After studying at the Art Students League in New York under William Merritt Chase, Clara Parrish spent time in Paris, where her technique and style were influenced by the Art Nouveau movement and Gothic cathedrals. These two sources of inspiration greatly affected her work for the remainder of her career. Parrish designed stained glass inspired by the windows in the great cathedrals, yet modern in style, with natural forms, graceful shapes, and symmetrical compositions, working for a time for Louis Comfort Tiffany. Similarly, Parrish’s paintings included stained glass qualities and Art Nouveau aspects, using jewel-tone colors, stylized floral designs, and romantic poses.
Growing up in Selma, Alabama, Parrish often returned to her hometown and completed many paintings and stained glass installations there, overlapping with friend and fellow artist Anne Goldthwaite who spent her summers in Montgomery, Alabama. At least one painting of Goldthwaite by Parrish has been documented and several others, including the painting offered here, appear to portray Goldthwaite’s likeness with great similarities in the brow, nose, and mouth. The two artists’ works have been exhibited together and each leaves an important legacy to their home state of Alabama.

241. Emmitt Thames (American/Mississippi, b. 1933), "Ship Island", 1984, watercolor on paper, signed lower right, titled, dated and artist stamp en verso, 22 in. x 30 in., framed. $1000/1500

242. Gretchen Van Sant Lansford (American/Louisiana, 1908-1978), "Seaside Holiday", oil and tempera on masonite, signed lower right, label with title and artist en verso, 20 in. x 16 in., framed. $500/800
Note: Gretchen Lansford’s professional career as an artist and an art conservator coincided with her husband, Alonzo, serving as the first full-time director (1948-1957) of the Isaac Delgado Museum of Art, now the New Orleans Museum of Art. The couple was active in the New Orleans art community, and Lansford exhibited with fellow local artists such as John Clemmer, Robert Helmer, and Shearly Grode. The Lansfords lived on Governor Nicholls Street and collected art throughout their lives. In the painting offered here, Lansford uses bright colors and expressionistic brushstrokes to portray a late 19th century family visiting the beach.

243. James "Mac" McConnell Anderson (American/Mississippi, 1907-1998), "Shrimp Boat", 1982, oil on masonite, signed and dated lower right, 48 in. x 24 in., framed. $3000/5000
Note: The youngest of the three Anderson brothers, Mac Anderson worked in a variety of media, including oil painting, watercolor, woodcarving, sculpture, and pottery. He was employed by the family’s Shearwater Pottery company along with his brothers for many years, helping to design and produce art pottery vessels and figurines. Having trained at Tulane University and under artists Juan Jose Calandria and William Spratling in New Orleans, Anderson also painted throughout his life, often incorporating themes of nature. The Andersons all enjoyed hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities in the Mississippi and Louisiana countryside and took great inspiration from the scenery for their artwork. The paintings offered in this sale depict a variety of such outdoor subjects; the large format Shrimp Boat depicts a scene of everyday life along the Gulf Coast, while Cat Tails, Green Heron, and Seagulls detail the local wildlife in Anderson’s traditional stylized and patterned manner.
Ref.: Stewart, Dod. "James McConnell “Mac” Anderson Biography." Shearwater Pottery. 2010.
mac.html. Accessed June 8, 2018.

244. James "Mac" McConnell Anderson (American/Mississippi, 1907-1998), "Sea Gulls", oil on masonite, signed and dated lower right, 24 in. x 16 in., framed. $2000/3000

245. Edward Von Siebold Dingle (American/South Carolina, 1893-1975), "Young Cardinals and White Magnolia", watercolor on paperboard, signed lower right, sight 16 3/4 in. x 12 3/4 in., framed. $500/700

246. Edward Von Siebold Dingle (American/South Carolina, 1893-1975), "Nelson's Sharp Tailed Sparrow and Acadian Sparrows", watercolor on paperboard, signed lower left, 19 1/4 in. x 15 in., framed. $500/700

247. Edward Von Siebold Dingle (American/South Carolina, 1893-1975), "Tuft Titmouse and Purple Magnolia", watercolor on paperboard, signed lower right, pencil-titled and inscribed en verso, 22 in. x 15 in., framed. $500/700

248. Fine American Renaissance Burled, Inlaid, and Gilt-Decorated Walnut Center Table, c. 1870, New York, oblong marquetry top, stepped molded edge, paneled frieze centering rosettes, tapered fluted legs surmounted by scrolled capitals, shaped stretcher, tapered feet, casters, h. 29 1/2 in., w. 45 1/2 in., d. 32 in. $2000/3000

249. American Renaissance Gilt-Incised, Ebonized and Inlaid Walnut Parlor Cabinet, mid-19th c., attr. to Thomas Brooks, New York, shaped top with raised plinth, floral inlaid frieze, blocked incised columnar stiles, shaped door with beribboned floral cartouche, molded base, blocked feet, h. 45 3/4 in., w. 55 in., d. 20 in. $2000/3000

250. Antique American or English Carved Rosewood Curule Stool, early-to-mid 19th c., molded seat rail, boss detail, turned stretcher. $150/250
Provenance: Estate of D. Clive Hardy, New Orleans.

251. George Bridgman (Canadian/American, 1865-1943), "River View", oil on canvas, signed lower right, 26 1/2 in. x 42 1/2 in., framed. $1000/1500
Provenance: Mystic Fine Arts, Ltd., Mystic, CT, Jan. 15, 1998, lot 173; Estate of Faith K. Tiberio, St. Augustine, FL.

252. Hipolito Hidalgo Caviedes (Spanish, 1902-1994), "Angel with Cello", mixed media on board, signed lower right, label with title and artist en verso, 22 3/4 in. x 18 3/4 in., framed. $500/800

253. Pair of Antique Prints of Candlestands, published by L. & J. Taylor, London, 1787, 12 1/4 in. x 17 7/8 in., framed. $300/500

254. Joseph Bolden (American/Pennsylvania, 1902-1979), "The Old Woman's Tale" and "The Slave's Tale", 2 watercolors on paper, one initialed lower right, one signed lower right, sight 11 1/4 in. x 8 1/2 in., framed. (2 pcs.) $400/600

255. Indian Gilt and Lacquered Wood Sipar or Shield, 19th c., iron hardware, depicting a tiger hunt, dia. 20 3/4 in., d. 2 1/2 in. $800/1200

256. James Harrold (British, 19th c.), "Dwelling by a Stream", oil on canvas, signed lower left, partial "Janetzky & Weber, 1125 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia" label on stretcher, 22 in. x 36 in., original frame. $400/600
Provenance: Estate of Jane and Stewart Maunsell.

257. Spanish Colonial Carved Tropical Hardwood Table, 19th c., Cuba, rectangular inset plank top, dentil molded apron, bulbous turned and foliate carved legs, molded stretchers, h. 29 in., w. 60 in., d. 43 in. $800/1200

257A. Large Spanish Carved Ebonized Hardwood Trestle Table, 19th c., foliate molded edge top, splayed barley twist legs, scalloped stretcher, arched iron support, h. 31 in., w. 54 1/2 in., d. 35 in. $2000/3000

258. Four Spanish Colonial Carved Tropical Hardwood Side Chairs, 19th c., Cuba, scrolled finials, leather back and seat with brass nail head decoration, shaped front stretcher, h. 36 in., w. 15 1/2 in., d. 15 1/2 in. $500/1000

259. Spanish Colonial School, mid-17th/19th c., "La Lucha de Toros (The Bull Fight)", oil on canvas, unsigned, 25 3/4 in. x 35 1/8 in., framed. $400/600

260. Roseville Pine Cone Bowl/Vase, marked "Roseville/ 632-/3", h. 3 1/8 in. $300/500

261. Roseville Nude Silhouette Vase, marked "Roseville/ U.S.A./ 763-8", h. 8 1/2 in. $1200/1800

262. James Rogers Lamantia (American/Louisiana, 1923-2011), "Diptych", 1997, lithograph, 2 images on one sheet, each signed, dated and numbered "1/20" lower margin, sheet 18 1/4 in. x 23 1/4 in., framed. $300/500
Provenance: Estate of D. Clive Hardy, New Orleans.

263. George Rodrigue (American/Louisiana, 1944-2013), "I See You, You See Me: Split-font", 1993, silkscreen, signed and numbered "23/35" lower right, 16 in. x 23 in., unframed. $2000/3000
Ill.: Rodrigue, George and Wendy Wolfe. George Rodrigue Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné, 1970-2007. New York: Abrams, 2008, p. 85.

264. George Rodrigue (American/Louisiana, 1944-2013), "Y-Moon: Black", 1998, silkscreen, signed lower left, numbered "12/80" lower right, 34 in. x 21 in., unframed. $2000/3000
Ill.: Rodrigue, George and Wendy Wolfe. George Rodrigue Prints: A Catalogue Raisonné, 1970-2007. New York: Abrams, 2008, p. 147.

265. Frederick J. Brown (American/Georgia, 1945-2012), "Louis Armstrong", 2005, serigraph, pencil-signed, dated and numbered "5/5 P/P" upper left, 43 in. x 30 in., unframed. $800/1200

266. Frederick J. Brown (American/Georgia, 1945-2012), "Oscar Peterson", 2005, serigraph, signed, dated and "A/P" lower left, 31 1/2 in. x 45 in., unframed. $800/1200

267. Frederick J. Brown (American/Georgia, 1945-2012), "Johnny Hodges", 2005, serigraph, signed, dated and numbered "1/5 P/P" lower left, 38 in. x 30 in., unframed. $800/1200

268. Mignon Faget (New Orleans, b. 1933), Newcomb College Centennial Commemorative Porcelain Plate, numbered "76/850". $500/750

269. George Schmidt (American/New Orleans, b. 1944), "Edwin Edwards Trial Scene", 1985, charcoal on paper, signed and dated lower right, 22 in. x 30 in., framed. $1000/1500

270. Robin Durand (American/New Orleans, 20th c.), "St. Claude, Sunset", 2010, "St. Claude, Cloudy", 2010 and "Machine Yard", 2009, 3 oils on canvas, 2 signed lower right, one signed lower left, all signed, titled and dated en verso, 7 in. x 12 in. to 12 in. x 19 3/4 in., framed alike. (3 pcs.) $700/1000
Note: Local artist, Robin Durand’s passion for art developed at an early age. His father taught him how to draw and paint during his childhood in Hawaii, and at the age of nine, he began selling his works in Kawaihae harbor for a dollar each. He continued his education and honed his talent in college, graduate school and under the tutelage of Mississippi artist, George T. Thurmond who introduced him to color study.
Durand’s cityscapes of New Orleans, such as the three offered here, prove intriguing in their complicated color palettes and unconventional compositions. Houses, trees and streets blur as if being seen from a passing car, highlighting the fleeting beauty of sunlight gracing rooftops, shining through trees and illuminating the city’s inherent vitality.

271. Moorcroft Hibiscus Plate, impressed "MOORCROFT", paper label "BY APPOINTMENT/ W. MOORCROFT/ POTTERS TO/ THE LATE/ QUEEN MARY", dia. 10 1/4 in. $1000/1500

272. Moorcroft Hibiscus Vase, impressed "MOORCROFT" and "MADE IN/ ENGLAND", h. 6 7/8 in. $1000/1500

273. Newcomb College Art Pottery Matte Glaze Vase, 1928, decorated by Anna Frances Simpson with relief-carved cypress tree design, base marked with Newcomb cipher, decorator's mark, reg. no. QZ50, approx. h. 7 in. $1500/2500

274. Shearwater Pottery Figure of a Lion, designed by Walter Anderson, shoal glaze, l. 13 1/4 in. $700/1000

275. Polia Pillin (1909-1992) Art Pottery Vase, 20th c., Los Angeles, CA, painted with a female, horse and rooster, base signed, h. 4 in. $300/500

276. Fine American Federal-Style Inlaid Mahogany Bowfront Chest of Drawers, dentil inlaid top above graduated drawers, shaped skirt, "French" feet, h. 32 in., w. 31 in., d. 16 in. $400/600

277. Pair of George III-Style Satinwood and Paint-Decorated Consoles in the Adam Taste, demilune top with a putto reserve, conforming frieze with foliate swags, tapered legs, h. 31 in., w. 42 1/2 in., d. 22 in. $1500/2500
Provenance: A Belle Meade residence by noted Nashville designer A. Herbert Rodgers.

278. Louis XIV-Style Pietra Dura and Argenté Salon Table, top inlaid with Classical urn reserve, elaborately carved base, frieze with pendant cartouches, acanthus carved legs, intertwined stretcher centered by a foliate medallion, h. 33 in., w. 74 in., d. 38 1/4 in. $7000/10000

279. Napoleon III Carved Rosewood and Kingwood Inlaid Stool, mid-to-late 19th c., padded seat serpentine apron, cabriole legs, brass ball feet, h. 19 in., w. 17 1/2 in., d. 15 in. $300/500

280. Antique Continental Burled Ash, Parcel Ebonized and Bronze-Mounted Sécrétaire à Abattant, early 19th c., probably Northern European or German, blind frieze drawer, fall-front opening to a series of small drawers, two drawers below, colonnettes to the sides, block feet, h. 55 in., w. 39 1/2 in., d. 20 in. $500/750

281. Regency-Style Brass Inlaid Mahogany Writing Table, reeded top with inset tooled leather writing surface, frieze fitted with three drawers to one side, turned and reeded legs, brass cuffs, casters, h. 30 in., w. 72 in., d. 36 in. $3000/5000

282. American Late Classical Carved Rosewood Pedestal, mid-19th c., attr. to J. and J.W. Meeks, New York, molded marble top, pierced fretwork frieze, barley-twist supports, triangular plinth base, scroll brackets, tall bracket feet, h. 33 in., dia. 16 1/2 in. $300/500

283. Pair of Continental Patinated Metal Hall Lanterns, 20th c., fitted with four-light fixture, h. (without chain) 18 in., h. (with chain) 41 in., dia. 17 in. $1000/1500

284. American Gilt Bronze Solar Lamp, c. 1850, attr. to Hooper, tapered fluted column on stepped marble base, frosted and cut glass shade, h. 21 in. $700/1000
Provenance: The Service Collection, Estate of Grant A. Oakes, Warren, OH.

285. American Rococo Gilt Bronze Astral Lamp, 19th c., labeled "Cornelius & Co., Philadelphia", frosted and etched glass shade, faceted prisms, foliate base with C and S scrolls, electrified, h. 25 in., dia. 9 in. $600/900

286. Pair of Continental Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid, Burled and Ebonized Mirrors, early 19th c., possibly Spain or Portugal, molded scroll cornice, geometric motifs, shaped mirror plate, h. 41 1/2 in., w. 41 1/4 in., d. 3 in. $1500/2500

287. American Aesthetic Carved, Painted and Gilt Overmantel Mirror, h. 77 in., w. 51 in. $500/750
Provenance: Estate of D. Clive Hardy, New Orleans.

288. American Rococo Carved Rosewood Armoire, mid-19th c., attr. to J. & J.W. Meeks, New York, floral crest centered by a foliate cartouche, egg and dart molded cornice, mirrored door above a drawer, base with canted blocked feet, birdseye maple interior, h. 99 in., w. 44 in., d. 21 in. $8000/12000
Note: A labeled Meeks armoire with an arched top, waisted ovolo frieze corners, a shaped mirror, and canted plinth corners nearly identical to this armoire was sold in these salesrooms on Sept. 30, 2006 as lot 140.

289. American Rococo Carved and Laminated Rosewood Center Table, c. 1850-1860, attr. to J. & J.W. Meeks, New York, later inset marble top, extensively carved and reticulated apron with clusters of grapes and flowers, pierced cabriole legs, scrolled toes, casters, shaped stretcher surmounted by a fruit basket, h. 30 1/2 in., w. 45 in., d. 29 in. $10000/15000
Note: Several features of the high-style center table offered here are closely related to a center table by the New York firm J. & J.W. Meeks, illustrated in American Furniture of the 19th Century: 1840-1880 by Eileen and Richard Dubrow. Featuring an inset marble top, an elaborately reticulated apron, gadrooned stretchers, and an abundant fruit basket, the table in the present lot is nearly identical to the Dubrow example and differs only by the carving detail of the cabriole legs.
Ref.: Dubrow, Eileen and Richard. American Furniture of the 19th Century: 1840-1880. Pennsylvania: Schiffer, 1983, p. 130.

290. Pair of American Rococo Carved and Laminated Rosewood Armchairs, mid-19th c., attr. to J. & J.W. Meeks, New York, in the pattern commonly referred to as "Hawkins", elaborately carved and scrolled crest centered by a foliate medallion, reticulated crest rail decorated with clusters of grapes, padded serpentine arms, rounded seat rail, cabriole legs, casters, h. 45 1/2 in., w. 24 in., d. 24 1/2 in. $10000/15000

291. American Renaissance Carved and Burled Walnut Sideboard, mid-19th c., attr. to Alexander Roux, New York, superstructure crest centered by an elk's head, over two shelves, fruit-carved supports, demilune rouge marble top, four drawers and four cabinet doors with game trophies and grape clusters, blocked base, h. 78 in., w. 81 1/2 in., d. 25 in. $20000/30000
Note: The elegant and exuberantly carved sideboard offered here shares many similar aspects with an Alexander Roux sideboard in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, including the overall form, exaggerated crest centered by a horned deer, winding foliate scrolls, and the shape and proportions of the lower case. Among the New York Rococo-revival cabinetmakers, Roux was most known for incorporating animal figures in his elaborate pieces and often used themes of hunt and harvest, as evident in the Metropolitan Museum example and the sideboard in the present lot. Roux displayed a similar sideboard at the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1853 in New York and was commissioned to make a pair of related sideboards for the Astor family.
Ref.: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Accessed June 15, 2018.

292. American Rococo Carved and Laminated Rosewood Sofa, mid-19th c., attr. to J. & J.W. Meeks, New York, in the pattern commonly referred to as "Hawkins", elaborately carved and scrolled crest centered by a foliate medallion, reticulated crest rail decorated with clusters of grapes, padded arms, serpentine seat rail, cabriole legs, casters, h. 48 1/2 in., w. 66 in., d. 30 in. $3000/5000

293. American Classical Carved Rosewood Sofa Table, c. 1830, serpentine molded top, shell-carved frieze, with blind frieze drawers, acanthus-carved scrolled legs, shaped stretchers, shoe feet, h. 29 in., w. 42 in., d. 26 in. $1000/1500

294. Four American Rococo Carved and Laminated Rosewood Side Chairs, mid-19th c., attr. to J. & J.W. Meeks, New York, in the pattern commonly referred to as "Hawkins", elaborately carved and scrolled crest centered by a foliate medallion, reticulated crest rail decorated with clusters of grapes, h. 44 in., w. 20 1/4 in., d. 19 in. $4000/6000

295. Napoleon III Bronze-Mounted, Ebonized and Inlaid Games Table, 19th c., shaped foldover swivel top with baize playing surface, conforming frieze, turned, fluted and tapered legs, h. 31 in., w. 34 1/4 in., d. (closed) 18 in., d. (open) 34 1/4 in. $1500/2000

295A. Louis XV-Style Bronze-Mounted Kingwood Petite Bureau Plat, serpentine inset tooled leather top, frieze drawer, cabriole legs, scrolled toes, h. 29 1/2 in., w. 39 1/2 in., d. 24 in. Note: Condition. $700/1000

296. Antique Continental Carved and Gilded Fruitwood Pedestal, shaped molded top, foliate carved brackets, paneled sides, conforming base, h. 31 1/8 in., w. 25 in., d. 24 in. $700/900

297. Set of Edwardian Mahogany and Inlaid Maple Quartetto Tables, early 20th c., each graduated table with oval burled maple inlaid top, bamboo turned legs, trestle supports, h. 27 in., w. 19 1/2 in., d. 13 1/2 in. $300/500
Provenance: Estate of Aloyis Lee Sonneborn, Mobile, AL.

298. Antique Louis XV-Style Carved Giltwood Console, c. 1900, molded shaped marble top, serpentine acanthus apron, cabriole legs, conforming stretcher, h. 31 in., w. 52 in., d. 17 in. $1200/1800

299. Renaissance-Style Carved Hall Chair, early 20th c., shell-carved back, relief-carved figural panel, putto carved arms, lift seat, conforming paneled base, old dark surface, h. 47 in., w. 38 1/2 in., d. 24 in. $500/750

300. Continental Figured Birch Armoire, 19th c., molded stepped cornice, paneled doors with ebonized detail, base with two drawers, blocked feet, later shelves, h. 85 1/2 in., w. 65 in., d. 21 1/2 in. $1000/1500

Provenance: Karla Katz Antiques, New Orleans.

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