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Information below is the lot/description information from our Fall Estates Auction, September 15 & 16, 2018. Descriptions listed below are NOT guaranteed accurate. Call 1-800-467-5329 for general information on Neal Auction Company. Follow the catalogue link to order our beautifully illustrated catalogue.

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301. American Classical Carved, Stenciled and Bronze-Mounted Mahogany Pier Table, c. 1825, attr. to Anthony Quervelle, Philadelphia, later walnut top, gadrooned frieze, acanthus and grape-carved scrolled supports with paw feet, mirror back flanked by reeded vasiform columns, shaped plinth, turned and gadrooned feet, h. 39 in., w. 42 in., d. 21 in. $3000/5000
Note: The pier table offered here is exemplary of the work of Philadelphia cabinetmaker Anthony G. Quervelle. Retaining its original bronze mounts and gilt stencil decoration, this table features scrolled supports ending in paw feet over a raised plinth, a distinctive element of Quervelle pier tables.
The table is related to several examples illustrated in the Boor publication Philadelphia Empire Furniture. Among these examples, the present lot shares many of the same features as a Quervelle pier table made for the White House under President Andrew Jackson, including the intricately carved scrolled supports, gadrooned molding, gilt stencil decoration, a similarly shaped lower shelf, and lobed feet.
Ref.: Boor. Philadelphia Empire Furniture. University Press of New England, 2006, pp. 231-238 (see p. 237 for Andrew Jackson example). For a discussion on bronze mounts in American Classical furniture, see "Brass Hardware on American Furniture, Part I: Cast Hardware, 1700-1850,” Magazine Antiques, May 1991, p. 948-955.

302. American Aesthetic Carved Giltwood Footstool, late 19th c., shaped legs with faux bamboo brackets, h. 7 in., dia. 14 1/2 in. $200/300

303. American Carved Walnut Tester Bed, c. 1840, ogee cornice, scrolled headboard, octagonal faceted posts, bulbous-turned feet, h. 114 in., l. 86 in., w. 66 in. $3000/5000
Provenance: Judge Reuben Lee "Buzz" Harper, Natchez, MS; to a private collection.

304. George Rodrigue (American/Louisiana, 1944-2013), "Untitled (Bayou Scene with Sugar Kettle and Cabin)", 1996, oil on canvas, signed lower left, artist stamp and inscribed en verso, 24 in. x 30 in., framed. $20000/30000
Note: Around the time of the painting offered here, George Rodrigue acquired a sugar pot (as he called them) for his front yard in Lafayette, which he converted into a fish pond with fountain. The artist had a longstanding fascination for sugar kettles, so perhaps not surprisingly, the image of one made an appearance on this rare canvas. Created in 1996, this classic Rodrigue landscape harkens to the artist's earliest series of paintings with his iconic dark oaks and high horizon line. The palette is key to the later date however, as Rodrigue increasingly imbued his landscape with vibrant color. The bright blue of the sky is reminiscent of the Blue Dog series, and the unusual red brick supports beneath the cabin punctuate the dark ground.
Neal Auction Company would like to thank Wendy Rodrigue for her assistance with this catalogue note.

305. George Rodrigue (American/Louisiana, 1944-2013), "Blue Dog", mixed media on canvas board, signed lower left, 14 in. x 11 in., framed. $6000/8000

305A. William Aiken Walker (American, 1838-1921), "Cabin Scene", oil on board, signed lower left, inscribed "From Margaret/ March 12, 1917/ Eustis, Fla." and partial "DeVoe & Co." label en verso, 6 in. x 12 1/4 in., framed. $8000/12000
Note: To be included in John Fowler's forthcoming catalogue raisonné on William Aiken Walker.

306. George Rodrigue (American/Louisiana, 1944-2013), "Pirogues on the Bayou", pastel on paper, signed lower left, 9 1/4 in. x 14 3/8 in., framed. $2000/3000

307. Attributed to William S. Robinson (American/Mississippi, 1861-1945), "Ships in a Harbor", oil on canvas, unsigned, 11 in. x 12 in., framed. $2000/3000
Provenance: Descended in the family of William Woodward.
Note: William S. Robinson and William Woodward met early in life, when both were students at the Massachusetts Normal Art School in Boston, and they remained friends throughout their lives. Robinson’s favorite locale to paint was Old Lyme, Connecticut, and he lived there for the majority of his life. However, when the patron of the Lyme Art Colony, Florence Griswold, died in 1937, Robinson decided to move to Biloxi, Mississippi, where he had previously visited Woodward and his family. Robinson was well-known for his acclaimed landscapes and seascapes in New England. In the work offered here, the shapes created by the multiple boats at shore provide an interesting, almost abstract composition with the tangle of masts, sails, and ropes in the upper portion of the canvas. Woodward, who also painted seascapes and boats, clearly admired this work of Robinson’s, and it descended in the Woodward family collection.

308. John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), "Blue Crane, or Heron, View Near Charleston, S.C.", hand-colored engraving with aquatint, Plate 307, from The Birds of America, Havell Edition, elephant-folio paper watermarked "J. Whatman/1836", sheet 24 in. x 36 in., unframed. $12000/18000

309. John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), "Belted Kingfisher", hand-colored engraving, No. 16, plate LXXVII, from The Birds of America, Havell edition, "J. Whatman/1836" watermark, sheet 33 in. x 24 in., framed. $3000/5000

310. John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), "Louisiana Heron", hand-colored engraving with aquatint, Plate 217, from The Birds of America, Havell edition, elephant-folio paper watermarked "J. Whatman/1836", sheet 26 1/4 in. x 39 in., unframed. $30000/50000

311. John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), "Mississippi Kite", hand-colored engraving, No. 24, plate CXVII, from The Birds of America, Havell edition, partial "J. Whatman" watermark, sheet 30 1/2 in. x 19 1/4 in., framed. $1000/1500

312. John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), "Long-tailed or Dusky Grous", Plate 361, hand-colored engraving with aquatint, from The Birds of America, Havell edition, the elephant folio paper watermarked "J. Whatman/1837", sheet 26 in. x 39 1/4 in. $2000/3000

312A. John James Audubon (American, 1785-1851), "Columbian Black Tailed Deer", hand-colored engraving, No. 22, plate CVI, from The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, by J.T. Bowen, 21 in. x 25 1/2 in., framed. $600/900

313. William Trost Richards (American, 1833-1905), "Waves Crashing on a Rocky Shore with Distant Schooner", 1901, oil on canvas, signed and dated lower left, 34 1/2 in. x 60 in., framed. $40000/60000
Provenance: MARK Arts, Mary R. Koch Arts Center (formerly Wichita Art Association), Wichita, KS, 2018.
Note: Working in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Rhode Island area, William Trost Richards was best known for his coastal scenes, which included the crashing waves and cloudy skies of New England seascapes. Richards also admired the American landscape, and he worked to hone his technique in realism, rather than the more romanticized style of the Hudson River School painters.
The painting on offer here brings together marine and landscape painting in one monumental canvas with a rocky shore in the foreground, finely painted asymmetrical outcropping of rocks on the right, schooner in the background, and distant mountains. Soft sunlight illuminates the mountainside with delicate hues, gently kissing the edges of the rock formations and resulting in a dramatic, spiritual scene that envelopes the viewer. The white meringue-like peaks in the far distance paired with the small scale of the boat sailing along the horizon underscore the immensity of the view and evoke a sense of grandeur.

314. Clementine Hunter (American/Louisiana, 1886-1988), "Family Brawl", oil on canvas board, monogrammed lower right, 14 in. x 18 in., framed. $3000/5000

315. Clementine Hunter (American/Louisiana, 1886-1988), "Wedding", oil on canvas, monogrammed lower right, 14 in. x 18 in., framed. $3000/5000

316. Olive Parker Black (American/Massachusetts, 1868-1948), "River Landscape with Native Americans", oil on canvas, signed lower left, 16 in. x 24 in., framed. $800/1200

317. Robert Malcolm Rucker (American/Louisiana, 1932-2001), "Landscape with Steamboat and Cabin", oil on canvas, signed lower right, 24 in. x 30 in., framed. $1500/2500

318. William Woodward (American/New Orleans, 1859-1939), "Feeding the Ducks by the Pier, New England", 1890, watercolor on paper, signed and dated lower left, 16 in. x 22 in., framed. $1000/1500

319. Alvan Fisher (American, 1792-1863), "Figures by a Rocky Inlet", 1855, oil on canvas, monogrammed and dated lower center, 21 in. x 17 in., framed. $1500/2500
Provenance: Lee B. Anderson Collection; Doyle New York, Sept. 19, 2012, lot 1003.

320. François-Adolphe Grison (French, 1845-1914) and Gaston Gilbert Daniel Save (French, 1844-1901), "The Tavern", 1874, oil on canvas, signed and dated lower right, "Kurt E. Schon, Ltd., New Orleans" label with artist and title on stretcher, 111 1/4 in. x 62 7/8 in., framed. $15000/25000
Provenance: Private Collection; Kurt E. Schon, Ltd., New Orleans, LA.
Note: Gaston Save, who had attended the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, exhibited in the Salon of 1870 and won a bronze medal. Passionate about history, politics, and theater, Save often created illustrations for magazines as well as collaborating on large-scale wall decorations and theater sets. Adolphe Grison, who had exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1873, was a well-known genre scene painter. The two artists collaborated to create the cheerful late 18th century tavern scene offered here.
This immense canvas is a feast for the eyes. Splendor and frivolity abound as each square inch offers new details to be discovered. The foreground is framed with meticulously rendered flora and an abandoned game of lawn bowling. At the center of the canvas, a young child and man with a hurdy-gurdy play for a group of sumptuously-dressed and well-coiffed ladies and gentlemen, while the tavern owner and a comely maiden fetch mid-day drinks. In the background, a teeming crowd enjoys a festival on a bright summer day, and one can almost hear the revelry. The impressive verticality of the canvas topped with a carved arch makes the work a dramatic architectural feat as well as an artistic one.

321. Italian School, 18th c., "Capriccio with Ruins", oil on canvas, unsigned, 37 in. x 44 1/2 in., framed. $1200/1800

322. Eliab Metcalf (American/Massachusetts, 1785-1834), "Portrait of Theodoric Romeyn Beck", oil on canvas, signed and titled en verso, 28 in. x 22 in., framed. $1500/2500
Provenance: Neal Auction, Oct. 13, 2001, lot 454.
Note: Son of Caleb Beck and Catharine Theresa Romeyn, Theodric Beck became a medical doctor at the age of twenty in 1811. Working in New York as a physician, an author, and an educator, Beck became the first expert on forensic medicine, writing the book Elements of Medical Jurisprudence in 1823. The portrait of Beck offered here displays many of Eliab Metcalf’s classic techniques, including the gradation from light to dark in the background and the fine brushwork depicting the sitter’s facial features and hair. Metcalf lived much of his life in New Orleans, Cuba, and the Caribbean due to his health; however, he traveled yearly to New York City, painting prominent citizens throughout the area.

323. John Bunyan Bristol (American, 1826-1909), "A Ruined Building in an Upland Landscape, near an Andean Lake (possibly Alto, Peru)", oil on canvas, unsigned, artist label en verso, 18 in. x 30 in., framed. $1000/2000
Provenance: Neal Auction, Dec. 3, 2006, lot 447.

324. French School, 19th c., "Les Courses à Vincennes", oil on canvas, signed "Barillon" lower right, 23 1/2 in. x 36 1/2 in., framed. $2000/3000

325. Ten Royal Copenhagen "Flora Danica" Porcelain Dinner Plates, 1980-1984, pattern no. 20, model no. 3549, painted with botanical specimens, dia. 10 in. $4000/6000

326. Ten Royal Copenhagen "Flora Danica" Porcelain Salad and Bread Plates, 1985-1991, pattern no. 20, model nos. 3573 & 3552, decorated with botanical specimens, dia. 7 1/2 in. and 5 5/8 in. $1200/1800

327. Carl Thieme Floral and Fruit Encrusted Polychrome Porcelain Covered Vase on Stand, marked, bird finial, courting couples in landscape reserves, h. 21 1/4 in. (3 pcs.) $800/1200

328. French Gilt Bronze-Mounted Cut Glass Center Bowl, late 19th/early 20th c., mythological fish handles with entwined grapevines, wide beaded rim, faceted bowl, beaded foot, foliate banded base, h. 16 3/4 in., w. 20 1/2 in. $2000/3000

329. Gilt Bronze Figure of a Pheasant, after "Faisan" by Léon Bureau, signature inscribed and "Société des Bronzes de Paris" cast foundry stamp on self-base, h. 16 3/4 in., w. 17 1/2 in., d. 5 1/4 in. $700/1000

330. Continental Neoclassical-Style Giltwood Mirror, 19th c., surmounted by an urn and foliate crest, foliate surround, scrolled acanthine pendant, h. 72 in., w. 33 1/2 in. $800/1200

331. French Rococo-Style Carved Giltwood Mirror, 19th c., elaborate rocaille and fruit surround, oval mirror plate, h. 95 in., w. 43 1/2 in. $800/1200

332. Pair of Antique French Rock Crystal, Amethyst Quartz and Marble Three-Light Candelabra, tiered standard, scrolled arms, hung with pear and teardrop pendants and beads, on tall plinth base, h. 22 1/2 in., dia. 11 in. $1000/1500

333. Antique George II-Style Walnut Settee, rectangular back, scrolled arms, shaped seat rail, cabriole legs, scrolled toes, needlepoint upholstery, h. 41 in., w. 54 1/2 in., d. 25 1/2 in. $1000/1500

334. Fine Regency Brass Inlaid Rosewood Games Table, early 19th c., attr. to Thomas Hope, London, tooled leather sliding top opening to a velvet-lined backgammon board, reverse top with inlaid chessboard, boullework frieze with three drawers, trestle base, turned stretcher, paw feet, casters, h. 29 1/2 in., w. 47 in., d. 27 in. $4000/6000
Note: The extraordinary Regency cabinetry of the table offered here and especially the boullework, which may be of earlier date and incorporated within the frieze and the supports here, indicates a possible attribution to Thomas Hope. The Classical antique design is in the French style of Percier and Fontaine’s Recuil de Décorations Intérieures, 1802, promoted by the connoisseur Thomas Hope (1769-1831) in the furnishings of his Duchess Street mansion.

335. Fine Suite of Four Antique Louis XV-Style Painted Fauteuils, shaped crest rail, padded back and arms, floral-carved seat rail, cabriole legs, floral Aubusson upholstery, h. 37 in., w. 25 in., d. 23 in. $2000/3000
Provenance: Bremermann Designs, 3943 Magazine St., New Orleans.

336. Italian Carved Walnut Settee, 18th c., serpentine crest rail, out-scrolled arms, serpentine apron, cabriole legs, h. 41 in., w. 74 in., d. 22 in. $700/1000

337. Fine German Carved, Polychrome and Parcel-Gilt Bombé Commode in the Louis XV Taste, c. 1750, attr. to Johann Michael Hoppenhaupt, Berlin, molded serpentine marble top, three graduated drawers, elegantly carved rocaille stiles, conforming paneled sides, cabriole legs, incurvate scrolled feet, h. 34 3/4 in., w. 59 in., d. 28 in. $30000/50000
Provenance: Albrecht Neuhaus, Würzburg; Property of a German Private Collector, Christie's London, July 5, 2001, Lot 188; Property of a Gentleman, Christie's London, July 5, 2007, Lot 164.
Note: This exuberantly carved and beautifully proportioned bombé commode is closely related to the designs of the esteemed 18th century German cabinetmaker Johann Michael Hoppenhaupt. Renowned for the interiors of the great palaces in Potsdam and Berlin under King Frederick the Great, Hoppenhaupt’s Rococo style emulated the grandeur of the French court under Louis XV, while maintaining a distinctively German eccentricity through the use of exaggerated proportions and bold polychrome paint decoration.
In 1753, Hoppenhaupt published a series of designs that are linked to furniture from the palaces at Potsdam, including a gilt-gesso commode from the bedroom of Frederick the Great at Sanssouci, nearly identical in form to the commode in the present lot.
Ref.: Kisluk-Grosheide, Danielle, et al. European Furniture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2006, p. 136; Christie’s London, July 5, 2007, lot 164, Accessed August 16, 2018

338. Important Russian Bronze-Mounted, Karelian Birch and Fruitwood Inlaid Mahogany Games Table, c. 1785, in the Louis XVI taste, hinged swivel top, tooled leather playing surface, tapered legs, foliate brass cuff feet, h. 29 1/2 in., w. 33 1/2 in., d. 16 1/2 in. $8000/12000
Provenance: Sotheby's London, Noblesse Oblige, Apr. 14, 2011, lot 258.
Note: According to the Sotheby’s Noblesse Oblige catalogue, by family tradition, the elaborately inlaid games table in the present lot belonged to August, Count Neidhardt von Gneisenau (1760-1831), a Prussian field marshal who was one of the key figures in rebuilding the Prussian army after its defeat by Napoleon in 1806. A brilliant military strategist, Gneisenau’s successes won him praise by Tsar Alexander I of Russia, Emperor Franz of Austria, and King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia. As the chief of staff to Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, Gneisenau aided in Napoleon’s eventual defeat at Waterloo in 1815.
Ref.: "August, Count Neidhardt von Gneisenau.” Accessed August 16, 2018; Sotheby’s, London, Noblesse Oblige, April 4, 2011, lot 258, Accessed August 16, 2018.

339. Pair of Antique Continental Gilt Bronze Console Tables, molded marble top, fluted frieze, foliate scrolled legs, h. 34 3/4 in., w. 44 3/4 in., d. 26 3/4 in. $1000/1500

340. Large Venetian Polychrome and Parcel Gilt Mirror in the Neoclassical Taste, antique and later, pedimented foliate crest, antique mirror plate flanked by Corinthian columns, paneled base, h. 70 1/2 in., w. 43 in. $1500/2500
Provenance: Treillage, the renowned Upper East Side home and garden boutique operated by Bunny Williams and John Rosselli for many years.

341. Large Venetian Polychrome and Parcel Gilt Mirror in the Neoclassical Taste, en suite with preceding lot, h. 70 1/2 in., w. 43 in. $1500/2500
Provenance: Treillage, New York City.

342. Antique Venetian Carved and Polychrome-Painted Commode, later marble top, bombé case with two drawers, cabriole legs, scrolled toes, h. 36 in., w. 49 1/2 in., d. 22 in. $1200/1800

343. Pair of Continental Cast Stone Sphinxes, likely mid-20th c., each with Egyptian headdress, plinth base, h. 17 1/2 in., w. 8 in., d. 27 1/2 in. $1000/1500

344. Fine Anglo-Colonial Carved Rosewood Tilt-Top Table, 19th c., circular top with egg and dart molding, scrolled acanthus frieze, foliate baluster standard, incurvate triangular plinth, disc feet, h. 30 1/2 in., dia. 22 1/2 in. $1500/2500

345. Pair of Italian Ebonized, Bone-Inlaid and Marquetry Chairs, 19th c., surmounted by scrolled finials, seat back with classical scene, scrolled arms, conforming seat, stretcher centered by a classical bust, h. 54 1/4 in., w. 23 in., d. 23 in. $800/1200

346. Large Brussels Historical Tapestry of the Continence of Scipio, mid-17th c., from the Stories of Scipio and Hannibal, by the workshop of Franz Van Maelsaeck, depicting Scipio in the center releasing the maiden to her fiancée, border with fruit garlands interspersed with mythological and allegorical figures, and cartouches with landscapes, weaver's mark lower right, "F.V MAELSAECK" center, and Brussels town mark to the left, 13 ft. 10 in. x 12 ft. 9 in. $10000/15000
Provenance: Sotheby's, New York, Oct. 3, 2007, lot 31.

347. Continental Painted Low Table, slatted top, tapered legs, blocked feet, h. 18 in., w. 72 1/2 in., d. 44 1/2 in. $200/400
Provenance: Bremermann Designs, 3943 Magazine St., New Orleans.

348. Continental Gilt Bronze and Mahogany Vitrine, arched door surmounted by an acanthine crest and decorated with floral swags, flanked by figural mounts, mirrored interior, h. 37 3/4 in., w. 24 3/4 in., d. 16 in. $500/1000

349. Pair of Louis XIV-Style Carved Giltwood Fauteuils à la Reine, arched floral-carved crest rail, scrolled floral bouquet uprights, fluted tapered legs, h. 44 1/2 in., w. 29 in., d. 24 in. $1500/2500

350. Petrus Pieter Gerardus Vertin (Dutch, 1819-1893), "Snowy Street Scene" and "Street Scene with Wheelbarrow", 2 oils on panel, signed lower left and right respectively, each 7 1/2 in. x 5 3/4 in., framed alike. (2 pcs.) $2000/3000

351. School of Charles-Balthazar-Julien-Févret de Saint-Mémin (French/American, 1770-1852), "Profile Portraits of Judge Hugh Nelson and Eliza Kinloch Nelson", 19th c., 2 multi-colored chalks on woven beige paper, unsigned, full identifications on handwritten ink labels en verso of backing boards, sights 20 3/4 in. x 14 3/4 in., black-and-gilt-decorated verre églomisé mats in matching frames. (2 pcs.) $3000/5000
Provenance: Neal Auction, Sept. 13, 2014, lot 235.
Note: These fine drawings are a reprise of Saint-Mémin's typical style, on lightly-tinted paper, at precisely his standard size; they are displayed in black-painted and gilt-decorated glass mats very similar to the originals in the State Department. The inscription labels found here en verso, evidently of the 19th c.—together with Saint-Mémin's standard small circular engraving at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, labeled in the artist's own hand, "Nelson 1808" – tell us that Mr. and Mrs. Nelson—then respectively 40 and 27 years old—sat for Saint-Mémin (using his famous technique of the 'physiognotrace') in Richmond, during his sojourn there from early July of 1807 to April or early May of 1808.
Hugh Nelson (1768-1836) was born in Yorktown and studied law at the College of William and Mary at Williamsburg. Nelson was a younger associate of Thomas Jefferson's; the latter's father, dying in 1757 when Jefferson was only 14, had appointed as his executor, and as his son's guardian, the eminent physician and statesman Dr. Thomas Walker (1715-1794), whose son John was Jefferson’s classmate. John Walker (1744-1809), only one year younger than Jefferson and perhaps his closest friend, also attended William and Mary with him, and made Jefferson one of the groomsmen at his marriage in 1764 to Elizabeth Moore. The Walkers' only daughter Mildredwas married in 1781 to a young Congressman from South Carolina, Francis Kinloch of Charleston. That couple had only one daughter, Eliza; she was almost the same age as Jefferson's own daughters, and given Jefferson's closeness to both the Nelson family and especially his neighbors and close friends the Walkers, it is hardly surprising that Hugh Nelson in fact married Eliza Kinloch in 1799.
Hugh and Eliza (the subjects of these two drawings) moved permanently to Albemarle County in 1802, and on the deaths of both her parents in 1809, she and her husband inherited their estate, "Belvoir," where they raised their ten children. Hugh Nelson represented his county in the Virginia Assembly from 1805 to 1809, while also being a magistrate in the state's General Court; in 1811 he was elected to the U. S. Congress, in which he served for a dozen years. He resigned that position in 1823 to accept his friend James Monroe's appointment as minister plenipotentiary to the Court of Spain, where he remained until 1825. Throughout his years of public service, he stayed in close touch with Thomas Jefferson, until the latter's death in 1826; a large selection of Nelson correspondence is preserved in the Library of Congress. Hugh Nelson served a final brief term in the Virginia House of Delegates in 1828-29; he also participated on several occasions in the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America. He was, perhaps, principally celebrated for his extraordinary recall—mainly deriving from his long friendship with Jefferson and his intimate contact with Monroe—about the lives of the Founding Fathers.
Ref.: Norfleet, Filmore. Saint-Mémin in Virginia. Richmond: The Dietz Press, 1942; Miles, Ellen. Saint-Mémin and the Neo-Classical Profile Portrait in America. Washington: National Portrait Gallery, 1994; Miles, Ellen. "Saint-Mémin," Grove Dictionary of Art. Jane Turner, ed., vol. 27, London: Oxford University Press, 1996; Mapp Jr., A.J. Thomas Jefferson. Lanham, MD: Madison Books, 1987-1991; Woodfin, W.H. "Nelson, Hugh." Dictionary of American Biography. Dumas Malone, ed., vol. 13 (1934).
We are grateful to Dr. Ellen Miles for her help, and (through her) to Marcie Craighill, Director of the Diplomatic Rooms of the U. S. Department of State, where Saint-Mémin's original Nelson drawings were deposited by bequest of Mrs. Thomas Gordon Greene in 2003, for providing us with current color photographs of those prototypes.

352. American Late Classical Carved Mahogany Center Table, c. 1840, probably New York, serpentine marble top, conforming frieze with rope-molded edge, stepped base, ogee bracket feet, h. 30 1/2 in., w. 33 1/2 in., d. 33 1/2 in. $500/800

353. English Carved Oak Welsh Dresser, 19th c., superstructure with molded cornice, three shelves; trestle base with three deep drawers, h. 79 in., w. 64 in., d. 15 1/2 in. $800/1200

354. Georgian-Style Inlaid Mahogany Writing Table, inset leather top, each side with two frieze drawers, tapered legs, spade feet, h. 29 3/4 in., w. 43 in., d. 33 1/2 in. $1200/1800

355. Minton Polychrome Majolica Jardinière, 1865, impressed "Minton" and "S001" ovoid body molded with stylized leaves and Greek crosses, pedestal base within square base with ram's masks and hoof feet on shaped platform, h. 16 7/8 in., w. 18 1/2 in. $500/800

356. Antique White Marble Figure of a Female Nude, on a rock by the sea, her wrists adorned with bracelets, her waist with a turquoise-mounted belt, h. 19 1/4 in., w. 8 1/2 in., d. 9 1/2 in. $800/1200

357. Continental Silvered Metal-Mounted Burled Wood Vitrine Table, beveled inset glass top, red velvet-lined interior, glass frieze, tapered legs, h. 28 in., w. 20 in., d. 18 in. $500/1000

358. Pair of Napoleon III Gilt and Patinated Bronze Five-Light Candelabra, late 19th c., floriform candlearms over allegorical maidens, rocaille bases, h. 43 1/2 in., dia. 18 in. $800/1200

359. [Stained Glass Window Designs], an antique folio book, probably late 19th c., 156 pages with detailed cathedral window designs, most with manuscript ink inscriptions indicating church and locations, incl. Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Charleston, New York, Brooklyn and many others, 20 in. x 13 1/2 in. $1000/1500

360. Fine American Twelve-Inch Library Globe on Stand, c. 1870, the cartouche reading "Joslin's/ Terrestrial Globe/ containing all/ the Late Discoveries/ and Geographical Improvements/ also the tracks of/ the most celebrated Circumnavigators/ Compiled from Smith's new English Globe with/ additions and improvements by Annis & Smith/ Revised by G. W. Boynton/ Manufactured by Gilman Joslin, Boston", hand-colored engraved gores, full brass meridian with degrees, paper horizon band showing houses of the zodiac and months, on turned three-legged stand, h. 38 in., w. 22 in. (base). $2000/3000

361. Large Confederate First National Flag, c. 1861, wool bunting, with cotton stars, two brass grommets on the hoist, 4ft. x 8 ft., framed. $20000/30000
Provenance: Estates of Shasta and Sue McCranie, Willacoochee, GA.

361A. Large American 35-Star Flag, c. 1863, wool bunting, with cotton stars, two brass grommets on the hoist, 7 ft. x 13 ft. 6 in. Note: Tears and some losses. $500/700
Provenance: Estates of Shasta and Sue McCranie, Willacoochee, GA.

362. [Rare New Orleans Pocket Map], "New Plan of the City and environs of New Orleans, Compiled for Gardners Directory for 1869", lithographed by B. Simon, 116 Exchange Alley, N. Orleans, attached to the original cloth covered folder, with gilt lettering, the key showing railroads, draining canal, public squares, Poydras and Treme markets, and street cars, 16 in. x 18 in. $700/1000

362A. [Two Antique Pocket Maps of Florida], incl. "Colton's New Township Map of the State of Florida...", 1875, hand-colored lithograph map, folded into original cloth covered folder, 23 3/4 in. x 25 in.; together with "Colton's Florida", 1864, published by J.H. Colton, New York h, hand-colored lithograph map, folded into original cloth covered folder, 13 in. x 15 in. $700/1000

363. Antique Pocket Map of Arkansas, "Colton's Railroad & Township Map of Arkansas Compiled from the U.S. Surveys and other Authentic Sources by D.F. Shall", New York, J.H. Colton & Co., 1856, hand-colored lithograph map, original cloth covered boards with gilt lettering, 25 1/4 in. x 30 3/4 in. $500/700

364. [New Orleans Exhibition Map], "The World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, New Orleans, LA..., Plan No. 2, Map of the City of New Orleans showing location of exposition grounds and all approaches thereto by land & water", 1884, Southern Litho. Co., New Orleans, with 13 insets or vignettes, accompanied by the original cloth covered boards (loose), the pastedown printed with a "Stranger's Guide", sheet 27 1/2 in. x 36 3/4 in. $500/700
Note: The Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, held on the centennial of the first known export of cotton from the US to Great Britain, offered New Orleans a chance to demonstrate to the world how its businesses and infrastructure had been revitalized by Reconstruction. The fair, however, suffered from debt and fraud and was not successful. Although the buildings constructed for the fair, held on present-day Audubon Park, were among the largest in the US to that date, all were soon dismantled

365. After Marie Adrien Persac (American/Louisiana, 1823-1873), "Plantations on the Mississippi River from Natchez to New Orleans, 1858", New Orleans, Pelican Book Shop Inc, 1931, printed by Rand McNally & Company, showing the divisions of land with owners' names, vignettes of New Orleans, Baton Rouge and plantations, decorative border composed of cotton plants and sugar cane, sight 52 in. x 30 in., framed. $500/700

366. [Map of Alaskan Gold Rush], Map of Alaska Showing Known Gold-Bearing Rocks with Descriptive Text Containing the Sketches of the Geography, Geology, and the Gold Deposits and Routes to the Fields, Washington, D.C., United States Geological Society, 1898, 44 pgs. of text, paper boards, with color-lithograph folding map (23 1/2 in. x 28 3/4 in). $500/700

367. [Antique Northern Pacific Railroad Map], "Map of the Country from Lake Superior to the Pacific Ocean from the Latest Discoveries and Surveys to Accompany the Report of Edwin F. Johnson, Chf. Engr. Northern Pacific R.R. November 1867", New York, G.W. & C.B. Colton, 1867, hand-colored lithograph map, folded, detailing the Pony Express route, mail routes, Fremont's exploration, wagon routes, forts, and more, 21 1/2 in. x 45 in. $300/500

368. [Confederate Railroad Map], "Map of the United States Military Rail Roads Showing the Rail Roads operated during the War from 1862-1866, as Military Lines, under the direction of Bvt. Brig. Gen. D.C. McCallum, Director and General Manager", 1866, hand-colored lithograph map by Julius Bien, NY, 25 in. x 38 1/4 in., accompanied with text. $300/500

369. [Two Antique Maps of Utah Territory], "Map of the Great Salt Lake and Adjacent Country in the Territory of Utah..." and "Map of a Reconnaissance between Fort Leavenworth on the Missouri River, and the Great Salt Lake...", by Howard Stansbury, New York, Ackerman Lithography, 1850, cloth folder with gilt lettering, 43 in. x 29 1/4 in. and 28 in. x 67 in. $400/600

370. American Cast Iron Garden Bench in the "Fern" Pattern, serpentine seat back, reticulated seat, conforming trestle base, h. 34 1/2 in., w. 56 1/2 in., d. 23 in. $1000/1500

371. American Cast Iron Garden Bench in the "Passion Flower" Pattern, shaped seat back, reticulated seat, cabriole legs, h. 31 1/2 in., w. 37 in., d. 30 in. $1500/2500

372. Continental Verdigris Patinated Bronze Figural Fountain, putto and dolphin on foliate and floral base, h. 51 in., dia. 22 in. $1500/2500

373. American Classical Mahogany Pier Table, early 19th c., marble top, foliate frieze, Corinthian column supports, mirror back flanked by pilasters, shaped acanthus feet, h. 38 in., w. 44 in., d. 22 3/8 in. $1200/1800
Provenance: Didier, Inc., New Orleans.

374. Fine American Classical Carved Mahogany Dressing Table, early 19th c., Philadelphia, mirror frame connected to acanthus carved scrolled supports, three drawer superstructure above two drawers, Ionic columnar supports, incurvate shelf, acanthus-carved paw feet, h. 62 1/2 in., w. 36 1/2 in., d. 19 1/2 in. $1500/2500

375. American Classical Carved Mahogany Center Table, c. 1830, Boston, oval Egyptian marble top, ripple molded frieze, scrolled supports, shaped stretcher, scrolled legs, recessed casters, h. 30 1/2 in., l. 42 in., w. 30 1/2 in. $1200/1800

376. American Late Classical Rosewood Bed, c. 1840, molded headboard with trefoil decoration, conforming foot board, scrolled brackets, h. 43 1/4 in., l. 78 in., w. 57 in. $500/1000

377. American Aesthetic Carved, Ebonized and Parcel Gilt Cabinet, late 19th c., New York, shaped backsplash, sunflower motif frieze drawer, paneled cabinet door, incised base, bracket feet, h. 50 1/4 in., w. 28 1/4 in., d. 17 1/2 in. $800/1200

378. Empire-Style Bronze-Mounted Mahogany and Marble Guéridon, 19th c., molded circular top, frieze decorated with mythological masks, molded supports surmounted by caryatid busts, shaped plinth centered by a foliate finial, ball feet, h. 28 1/4 in., dia. 21 in. $1000/1500

379. Pair of Neoclassical-Style Carved, Painted and Parcel Gilt Consoles, chamfered top, fluted frieze and legs, molded plinth, feet, h. 38 1/2 in., w. 66 in., d. 21 in. $500/700

380. Napoleon III Bronze-Mounted Kingwood Vitrine, mid-19th c., shaped variegated marble top, frieze drawer, glazed doors, glass shelf interior, shaped apron, flared legs, h. 56 in., w. 38 in., d. 14 1/2 in. $1000/1500

381. Hunt Slonem (American/Louisiana, b. 1951), "3 Rabbits", 2012, oil on board, signed, titled, dated and inscribed en verso, 23 1/6 in. x 15 1/2 in., artist frame. $2500/3500

381A. Hunt Slonem (American/Louisiana, b. 1951), "Jennifer Lopez Flowers", 2004, oil on canvas, signed, titled and dated en verso, 40 in. x 30 in., framed. $4000/6000

382. David Harouni (Iranian/New Orleans, b. 1962), "Untitled (White Composition)", oil on gallery‑wrapped canvas, signed lower left, 24 in. x 20 in., unframed. $1500/2500

383. David Harouni (Iranian/New Orleans, b. 1962), "Untitled (Woman in Yellow)", oil on gallery‑wrapped canvas, signed lower right, 36 in. x 24 in., unframed. $2000/3000

384. David Harouni (Iranian/New Orleans, b. 1962), "Peonese", oil on gallery‑wrapped canvas, signed lower right, titled en verso, 20 in. x 16 in., unframed. $1200/1800

385. David Harouni (Iranian/New Orleans, b. 1962), "Untitled (Fleur de Lis)", oil on gallery‑wrapped canvas, signed lower left, 24 in. x 24 in., unframed. $800/1200

386. David Harouni (Iranian/New Orleans, b. 1962), "Untitled (Lady in Black)", oil on board, signed lower right, 20 in. x 7 in., framed. $800/1200

387. Barry Dixon for Arteriors Patinated Brass‑Clad Four‑Panel "Epicenter" Screen, 21st c., h. 85 in., w. 60 in. $1000/1500
Provenance: Bremermann Designs, 3943 Magazine St., New Orleans.

388. Three French Industrial Copper and Tin Lanterns, 20th c., copper canopy, riveted tin shade, h. 9 in., dia. 27 1/2 in. $700/1000
Provenance: Bremermann Designs, 3943 Magazine St., New Orleans.

389. J. Wade Beam for Breuton Stainless Steel and Glass "Tee" Console, c. 1985, Freeport, NY, cylindrical base, cantilevered arms, Vitrolite colored glass, h. 31 in., w. 84 in., d. 18 in. $2000/3000

390. Six Biedermeier Parcel Ebonized and Carved Maple Dining Chairs, 19th c., incl. 2 armchairs and 4 side chairs, each surmounted by a turned stretcher, tapered legs, horsehair upholstery, armchair h. 35 in., w. 21 1/4 in., d. 20 in.; side chair h. 33 1/2 in., w. 18 in., d. 17 1/2 in. $600/800
Provenance: From noted antiquarian Cary Long (Goudeau Antiques), Baton Rouge.

391. Vintage Continental Brass and Glass Coffee Table, 20th c., inset top, shaped stretchers surmounted by a bullseye finial, turned feet, h. 17 1/2 in., w. 43 in., d. 21 1/2 in. $500/700
Provenance: The Gables Antiques, Atlanta, GA, May 2012

392. Karl Springer (1931‑1991) Embossed Leather Console Table, 20th c., Karl Springer Ltd. leather label, chrome feet, h. 29 in., w. 48 in., d. 15 in. $600/800

393. Decorative Continental Mirrored Table, chamfered top, conforming blocked frieze, tapered legs, h. 28 in., w. 30 in., d. 24 in. $500/700
Provenance: Bremermann Designs, 3943 Magazine St., New Orleans.

394. Pair of Malachite Violin‑Form Table Lamps, on brass bases, h. (to socket) 18 in., w. 7 in., d. 6 1/4 in. $800/1200

395. Continental Bronze Hall Lantern, 19th c., crown form, mounted with lion masks and cross brackets, electrified, h. 15 in., dia. 14 in. $600/900

396. Pair of Art Deco‑Style Three‑Light Sconces, chrome plated, with "gold" accents, electrified, h. 20 in., w. 13 in., d. 7 1/2 in. $700/1000
Provenance: Bremermann Designs, 3943 Magazine St., New Orleans.

397. Austrian Cold‑Painted Bronze Figural Group of A Brave Attacked by a Lion, after Bruno Zach, h. 9 1/4 in., w. 14 13/4 in., d. 5 in., engraved plaque marked "Argentor, Vienna/B. Zach, Scil." on onyx base, overall h. 10 1/2 in. $800/1200

398. Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vase, 20th c., painted with figures astride a qilin in an outdoor setting, reverse with calligraphy, h. 22 1/2 in. $400/600

399. Large Chinese Patinated Bronze Dragon Turtle, 20th c., base with Qianlong mark, h. 13 3/4 in., w. 17 1/2 in. $1000/1500

400. Large Chinese Patinated Bronze Covered Tripod Censer, 20th c., pierced domed cover with ball finial, bombé body with upright scroll handles, bulbous legs, base with Xuande mark, h. 20 1/4 in., w. 15 1/4 in. $1000/1500

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