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Information below is the lot/description information from our Holiday Estates Auction, December 2nd & 3rd, 2006. Descriptions listed below are NOT guaranteed accurate. Call 1-800-467-5329 for general information on Neal Auction Company. Follow the catalogue link to order our beautifully illustrated catalogue.
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499. A Jennings 12 Shot Repeating Rifle, prototype Isaiah Jennings superposed 12 shot repeating flintlock rifle, with engraved brass frame, engraved with the serial number “No. 1” on the top barrel flat. This model is based upon an earlier breech loading single shot design of Jennings’ that was manufactured c. 1818 but incorporates many innovative features unique to this weapon. [$10000/15000]
Provenance: Descended in the Armant-Legendre-McCall-Baldwin Family, New Orleans.
Note: J.B.B. Vignie, whose name is engraved on the gun, was a member of the City Council, 2nd District, New Orleans, 1820-1828; Captain of the Light Dragoons; President of the Louisiana State Bank, 1838; and Director of the Pontchartrain Railroad, c. 1840.
The frame is engraved with decorative foliate scrolls and a cornucopia and is finished by a simple walnut slab. The stock is made of brass and originally contained an oval walnut cheek rest. Engraved in block Roman capitals on the inside flat of the butt is “J.B.B. Vignie”.
Note: This configuration of frame and stock is believed to be used only in Isaiah Jennings’ patent firearms, which are rare in American arms collections.
After this patent was issued on Sept. 22, 1821, Jennings, along with a partner named Reuben Ellis, explored the possibilities of supplying the US Government with repeating arms. Their redesigned weapon was of conventional form, using a traditional wooden stock. Five hundred and twenty of these weapons were made for the government in a larger caliber by R. and J.D. Johnson of Middletown, Connecticut in 1829. Upon completion, they were inspected by Federal inspectors and then delivered to the New York State Militia, presumably for field-testing. Both four and ten shot versions are known and they are officially called the Ellis-Jennings Repeating Flintlock Rifle.

502. A Collection of Four Antique Guns, a Belgian cavalry flintlock pistol, c. 1820, walnut stock, lanyard ring; a double barrel flintlock fowling piece, c. 1815, bearing Belgian marks, half walnut stock, iron mounts; a potsdam percussion musket, lock marked 1830, Danzig mark, painted full stock; a Swiss Vetterli repeating musket, c. 1890, full walnut stock, bolt action. [$800/1200]
Provenance: Descended in the Baldwin Family, New Orleans.

502A. An American Springfield Trapdoor Rifle, full walnut stock, Buffington sight, all original mounts and ramrod, model 1873. [$800/1200]
Provenance: Descended in the Baldwin Family, New Orleans.

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