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Neal Auction Company is pleased to co-host LETTERS READ: Lady Louisiana Artist Angela Gregory.



Neal Auction Company is pleased to co-host LETTERS READ: Lady Louisiana Artist Angela Gregory. The podcast launches 12:00 noon, September 25, 2022, and remains available thereafter. Here is a link to the podcast:


Angela Gregory was born into the New Orleans intellectual elite in 1903. At a time when a proper lady accompanied her mother to teas, Angela, with her parents’ blessing, took a different path. From an early age, she knew that she wanted to be an artist: not just an artist, but a sculptress in stone, to be precise!

Her earliest influence was her mother, Selina Bres Gregory, a Newcomb College alumna and a recognized Newcomb Pottery artist. At fourteen, she learned clay modeling and relief casting from Ellsworth Woodward at Newcomb. She also took classes from Albert Rieker at the Arts and Crafts Club in New Orleans and spent a summer working in the New York studio of Charles Keck. She graduated from Newcomb in 1925.

With her parents’ patronage, she moved to Paris to study art. It should be remembered that in 1925 it would be rare for a young lady to travel abroad alone without a trusted chaperone. However, for the determined Angela, this fact proved no barrier.

In Paris she became the only American ever to study in Antoine Bourdelle’s stone sculpture studio. Gregory credited her unusual success as an artist to Bourdelle’s tutelage and belief in her. In the middle of the twentieth century when women had only recently been granted the vote, Angela Gregory became the “doyenne of Louisiana sculpture,” producing major public and private art commissions which remain significant today.

Angela Gregory’s artworks, as well as that of her mentors, Selina Bres Gregory, William and Ellsworth Woodward, and the Newcomb Pottery artists, are prized today. Her independent drive also influenced contemporary artists such as “Lady Louisiana Artist” Jacqueline Bishop. Most Louisiana artists in this podcast have been featured at Neal Auction Company. For past sales by artist, here is a brief list:

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•             Title: Angela Gregory, 1923

•             Caption: Angela Gregory

•             Description: Angela Gregory (1903 - 1990); B. Des. 1925 Newcomb College; M.A. 1940 Tulane University (Architecture); Internationally known sculptor, artist, and teacher.

•             Courtesy of https://exhibits.tulane.edu/exhibit/tulanewomen/tulanearts/angela-gregory/